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  1. @Pat Stanfordthanks for the "Refresh Libraries" tip! I'll give that a try, because restarting VWX while sorting out workgroup libraries is a pain! @Nikolay Zhelyazkovthanks, I appreciate you adding that to the request list for future versions.
  2. I can probably figure this out with a bunch of guess-and-check and restarting, but I'll try a more direct route! I have a file with all of my pre-formatted and configured devices, and want to store it in my communal workgroup folder. When I select the device tool, and use the symbol mode, I can select a folder location from the window that pops up. Where should I put my device file so it appears here, rather than just opening it or favoriting it?
  3. I created a video camera (cam/lens/tripod) on my active class/layer. I duplicated it and moved it to a new class, but had issues with the visibility based on which classes I had Visible/Grey/Hidden. Turns out the 2d and 3d components of the symbols were imported into the document were assigned to that active class. Modifying the base symbols fixed the issue, but it's not how I expected the tool to work. (my thought would be None or another default video camera class) Is this a bug or a work-flow thing?
  4. Not sure if this answers your questions, but here is my workflow: I use the "Simplified" class for doing Data Viz on truss objects (FINALLY found a good use for that class after years of complaining!). I color-code it and do a thick black pen to make it really stand out. I typically do a separate page or viewport, depending on the complexity for my truss build details. I modify the key to make sense in real-world terminology. Not very elegant, but it really gets the job done while on site. Probably not something I'd present to a client, but great for coordination and field work.
  5. IMO: Spell check - always! I'm 50/50 on auto-correct because of all the crazy manufacturer/device names and terms we use. Duplicate devices - I lean towards Conrad's point of view on this on letting the designer choose what is right and wrong. There are times where I want duplicated devices for clarity (i.e. a network switch that does triple-duty for audio/video/lighting), and times were I forgot to update a name when duplicating a device. Prompts - this is a frustration point for me globally, not specifically CC, Spotlight or Fundamentals. If I try to do an illegal function (like rotate a hybrid symbol while not in top/plan view), the pop-up prompt should give me the option to correct it and not just shut me down. I have a forum post 1/2 drafted up, just need to organize my thoughts so I don't sound like a rambling maniac.
  6. Feel free to point me in a direction if this has been asked before. I use CC to create wire-pull docs for our field guys. Basically, if we design it and tag circuits correctly, our wire pull field docs are 100% accurate. However, we have to implement another step (Export to Excel/Numbers) in order to sort the data. Example: Tech booth with a console. Wireless mics and in-ears in a backstage rack. I am "getting signal from" the microphones, but "sending signal to" the in-ears. CC tags the cables correctly with a source device and destination device based on inputs and outputs. However, this isn't logical for our field guys. They want to know how many cables are going between the booth and backstage and what the labels are. No matter how I try to sort the database in the worksheet, I can't make it logical. We resort to exporting the worksheet and manually sorting it. Is there a way (or could there be a way) to swap/over-ride the source and destination devices to make worksheet organization more logical? ...or does this open up a massive can of worms that you'll never get back in?
  7. I'd still classify this a a bug. If I have 2 image files with the same extension and they both open fine in all other applications (Preview, Safari, Acrobat, etc), but Vectorworks gives me an error message? I agree it's probably a metadata issue, but the error is pretty vague and not very helpful. (I kinda deserved the snarky-ness of your last line...I mis-read your post. I didn't see the point where you mentioned re-saving the file.)
  8. yep, that works. I'll add that into my workflow (caught a couple duplicates already!)
  9. There are times where duplicating a device with the same name on the schematic layout is super helpful...and other times where it is done on accident. Most of the time, I fall into the "accident" category 🙁 When creating equipment for rack elevations and gear layout, can there be a prompt to indicate that multiple devices with the same name were detected? Similar to how it prompts you about virtual devices.
  10. If I create a class, I have the option to: give it a unique name name it based on classes in a template file source a file in Finder and pull those class names Could there be an option to pull class names from another open file? ...or even a file in your favorites or resource manager?
  11. Nope, all works fine in Preview! Also, all the metadata for the image is maintained from the original image (see below). Also tried to rename it Attachment.jpg and still no luck.
  12. I have a .jpeg image that was sent as an email attachment. I saved it to my desktop, and tried to drag-and-drop it into a SL. I get the attached error message. Doest not happed if I try the same with a .png screen capture. thoughts? 2022, SP4. Mac OS 12.4
  13. I use data tags frequently to detail out drawings (including some unorthodox methods). For me, the mirror or move-by-points tool speeds up layouts, but I have to re-link the data tags. This can be tedious on big jobs. Can there be a tool like the "Manage Loads" tool to easily link and unlink data tags to objects?
  14. Specific situation (I'm sure other instances work similarly): I've got 6 speaker objects of different types and sizes. I need them arranged in a vertical column (y axis) and spaced equally. I roughly lay them out as needed and run the align/distribute command to align their centers vertically and space them equally. All works as expected. However... If I add in a label with the "Text Options" to display make, model, location, etc., with that same Align/Distribute command, Vectorworks does the math based on the object+text, which leads to an incorrect layout. Is there a way (or could there be a way) to align/distribute based on the objects only and not the associated text/label? (yes, I can shut off the text display a few different ways, but is there a way to do this natively?)
  15. Thanks for the reply, didn't see that thread. Similar to what I'd like, but I'd like the entire label of "CTP_" to be removed (or at least be able to hide it). I use CC to generate wire-pull, so all of my circuits have a label like "Sound booth-console" to "Stage-CTP_WP1"
  16. Is there a way to remove the "CTP" prefix from connection panels...or substitute it for something else? We typically use "WP" or a very generic name (i.e. DMX) for for simple things. I get asked every job what "CTP" stands for and if I can remove it!
  17. @Lyuben this is 100% NOT the case! VCS app running, and file still set to autosave. I just had another crash, and the most recently saved version was from 4 hours ago. Luckily, my backup file worked correctly this time. Otherwise, I probably would have lost about 2.5-3 hours of work. Gonna ditch the idea of VSC...to risky to use reliably. I'll go back to just syncing to dropbox, and move it over to VSC if I have to do cloud renders.
  18. 2022, SP3 I have a request...maybe others can weigh in. I'd like the soft goods tool, more specifically the pipe and drape option, to function more like how a stage hand would set it up... Basically, Vectorworks is too analytical for a pretty basic task. example: I need a 36' run of p&d. My sliders are 6-10', and drape is 58" wide. We do 3 pieces of drape per 10' section. A stage hand will set this up at (3x) 10' runs, with a 6' run on the end. 11 fabric panels. 5 bases/uprights, 4 sliders. However, Vectorworks wants to do an equal number of runs that lands between 6' and 10'. In this case, I get 4 runs of 8'10.5". I still get the correct 5 bases/uprights, 4 sliders. - Because I can't specify drape-per-slider, it defaults to 2 per section, 8 panels total. I can fix this if I mess with the "Minimum Overlap" option. Couple ideas: Can we have the tool do math for a more logical outcome? ...something like: total run divided by max slider length (or target length), remainder to a non-conforming piece? A way to specify (force) the number of panels per max slider length? Can we get a "Combine drape" tool? Also, the check-box for "include in calculations" for p&d should default to OFF! (side note...my boss laughs every time I tell him that our $3,700 software package is not as intelligent as an entry-level stage hand!)
  19. Thanks @Lyuben, On your first point...if after a crash, I re-open the file from VCS. Will be the last sync'd state, not the most recent saved state? Does this "saved" file only get uploaded(sync'd) when I close the file? By my settings, every 25 operations the file should have been saving. I lost way more than 25 operations... I have my backups store to a generic dropbox folder buried pretty deep (not VCS folder). I only really have to access them when I mess up really badly or the software crashes.
  20. Trying to detail out the issue I had...can't quite put a timeline on it, but something didn't back-up or sync properly. - Was working on 2 files that are all stored in my VCS folder. - My VCS folder is on my hard drive (was getting too may conflict errors trying to integrate with dropbox, so I abandoned that idea) - I leave the VCS application running all the time. - VWX is set to auto-save and back-up every 25 operations to a generic dropbox folder. VWX crashed. I re-opened the files, and the state was much older than 25 operations on both of them...my guess is maybe 150-200? I also found my back-up files were significantly out-of-date too. The web portal for our VCS also had the out-of-date files. The VCS app showed everything was up-to-date, but my files were not listed. I closed and re-opened the VCS app, and the syncing resumed. I also noticed in doing some digging that the file only uploads to VCS when you close it. Is this correct? How does the file behave if the application crashes? After I re-opened the file, I worked on it and watched the backup folder. This time, it seemed to behave properly. If I had to guess...the auto-save/backup wasn't working properly and the file didn't save to VCS because it crashed?
  21. perfect! I had to change the criteria to say "is not" "blank"
  22. I have a worksheet that populates with device name, make, model, location, page number, and some custom fields for serial number and IP address However, this report also pulls connector panels because they become devices once they are in the design layer. Is there a fancy script or criteria that I can use to omit these from my report? I'd prefer this to be something native that I don't have to think about or remember to do! I have a work-around in mind that could use Data Manager, but that might be a plan B.
  23. Working on some renders for an event. We're doing a pretty complicated ceiling (~1,500 individual items), which I've done in a separate drawing and referenced it in my main file. Is this the best workflow for rendering, or is it best to put that geometry in the main file? My aim is to light the ceiling with both theatrical and generic lights in the drawing to simulate what we're doing for the event.
  24. AVL design/build and live event company looking for a Spotlight user for hourly sub-contracting work or paid internship. We’re expanding, and looking for somebody to assist with initial drawings, small live event drawings and other Vectorworks tasks as needed. Local to Grand Rapids, MI preferred, but remote work also a possibly. Could become full-time position depending on future growth. DETAILS: Build room & floorplans from measurements and photos Import Matterport scans (.obj/.xyz) and translate into floor plans Import CAD files from architects (dwg) and other trades as backgrounds for AV drawings Big-picture live-event design…placing truss, screens, motors, PA, drape layout, cable paths, etc. We’ll send over sketches, and you make them real! We’ll put the final touches on them. Worksheets for truss and motor requirements DMX addressing, lighting layouts, focus plots, etc We’ll provide our template files and classing structures Setting up sheet layers with viewports, details, sections, elevations, title blocks, etc. Hourly pay, consummate with experience REQUIREMENTS: Proficient in Spotlight. Not looking for a master, but must be self-sufficient and know the ins-and-outs. AVL and entertainment industry experience and equipment knowledge a must. (Terms, lingo, logistics, cabling, etc) Knowledge in full 3d workflow. HUGE plus: Full version of Spotlight. No student versions due to watermark issues. 2022 preferred, but older versions acceptable. (we'd prefer to keep our licenses in-house at the moment) ConnectCAD experience a plus (but not required) Braceworks experience a plus (but not required) Advanced rendering and visualization a plus (but not required) Send over a resume/CV, a few examples of your recent work and pay scale. josha@livespace.com
  25. I'm trying to get the report to list what hanging position the truss is in. Example: I have (10x) 10' pieces of 12x12 standard bolt in the "Stage Left" hanging position I have (20x) 10' pieces of 20.5x20.5 standard bolt in the "Stage Right" hanging position
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