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  1. ...one more thing: - Can the lens zoom change in non-integer steps? (is replying to your own thread the modern-day equivalent to talking to yourself?)
  2. Been working with the video camera tool, and found some places where it could be improved. It's a great tool, and been a life-saver, but I think it needs some tweaks! - Tilt is limited to +/-20°. I'm trying to get a birds-eye shot, and I can't get enough negative tilt. - the field of view box is way too short...I posted about this before, but 10' is way too short, especially when using a 170 and 200 mm lens - It would be nice to be able to edit the PIO settings like you can with the Video Screen tool. (why does it default to 4:3 ratio?!?) - I think the CCD/Sensor format needs to be in industry terms...usually sensors are noted as 1/3", 1/2.8", 2/3", etc. Usually the 35mm full-frame jargon is in reference to photography cameras (I'm a sound guy, so please correct me if I'm wrong on this!!) - a default library symbol for a generic PTZ would be great.
  3. +1 on this! My thought would be: A very clear warning prompt that pops up every time This cannot be made into a default action every time you attempted to make a change like this I've had the group functionality both help me and bite me on the @$$: - I usually add my network switches several times in a drawing, and move sockets to the left and right based on adjacent devices to clean up my drawing. - accidentally made my speakers with NL4's and not terminal strips. Added 45 of them to a project only to realize my mistake when I started connecting them.
  4. Few related questions for you @Conrad P! I created a device, and accidentally had the "create virtual" selected. I can't seem to find the command to make it non-virtual. Any thoughts apart from re-creating the device? In previous versions, you could edit the entire device (or socket) via the "edit" tool. I used this so much, I mapped it to a hot-key on my mouse. Has this tool disappeared for 2020 in leu of double-clicking on the device to open it for editing?
  5. Hello! Frequently, we get a .dwg file from an architect. 99% of the time, A101/general floor plan will be the background for our drawings. I import all the AutoCAD layers as classes. The first thing I do is hide all the classes that clutters up my file...Annotations, door numbers, architectural call-outs, etc. I reference that file using the "shuttle file" method (new file, import .dwg, save. Then, reference that .vwx in my main working file). In my main file, I assign this DLVP to it's own class & layer. When I start making SLVP for publishing, is there a way to have 2 different class/layer visibilities of that referenced file? Or am I locked to one "set" of class/layer visibilities? Example: For my electrical layouts, I don't need to see the seating, so I hide that class. When I'm showing projector or speaker coverage, I'd like to see that class. Thanks, Josh
  6. Any chance this feature will be added? I'd like to use this feature to generate wire-pull documents based on how I categorize each circuits (field, rack, device, etc) I currently do it with another record, but native would save a step.
  7. Worked on a project last night, everything was fine. Updated to SP3 this morning, opened the same project and all libraries not stored locally are missing 2019 is fine. Screen grabs attached. I tried the suggestions on this thread to no avail:
  8. Yes, exactly! You explained it much better than I did in my original post...I was in a hurry trying to get a print off to somebody, and thought this would be a cool feature. my application: I have a template file with all my A/V floor pocket/wall plate connectors and layout details. I do a layout then export a single PDF to reference from my main file. I use the base floor plan and multiple crops of the pdf to indicate the building layout. The duplicate-crop-move of each viewport gets tedious...especially on large projects!
  9. Idea.... You have a sheet layer perfectly laid out with your cropped viewports. You need to edit the crop of one, but you don't want to re-do your layout. Could there be a "crop in place" option that edits the crop object location on the design layer, but not it's dimensions/shape or (x,y) coordinates on the sheet layer?
  10. Yep, that fixed it. Thanks for your help! Question: A "total" amount seems like a simple request...Is there a simple way to do this while creating a worksheet, and not having to edit the header code?
  11. I'm working on a large project with a lot of pipe and drape. I need to provide some estimates on total drapery and hardware. I have a worksheet going with all the data I need, but I can't seem to get the header to sum everything properly. The header only shows the number of rows (57 in my case), not the sum of the rows below. Here are my columns: Length of pipe and drape run Sliders Upright/Base Total drape count I've had similar issues in the past, but that was down to how the column is formatted (number, distance, etc). I've tried every combination, but can't seem to get it to work properly. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Attached is a screen shot of what I'm running into.
  12. It's Tyler standard bolt 12x12. Various corner blocks. I'll clean up the file and send it over. Your workflow is a bit different that what I was using. I don't pull individual pieces from the resource manager, I duplicated the individual pieces (or truss sections) and drag them into place. - I make the "up+corner block" piece, attach the "over" to the corner block. Duplicate the "up+corner block" and attempt to attach it to the free end of the "over" piece. What is the "Make Active" command you are using at the 0:13 mark?
  13. I posted this question on a Facebook group, and it seems a few of us have this problem. Overall, truss corner block snapping seems to be very problematic and not intuitive. There is no direct way to select which face things will snap to. 2 problems I've had: - I was making a 10'x10'x10' cube. I made one face, and attached the horizontal trusses. I duplicated the 1st face, and attempted to attach it to the horizontal trusses. That face wanted to roll, rotate and flip in every direction except the way I wanted it to. - I've had pieces of truss roll so the diagonals on the top/bottom when snapping to a corner block (the structural engineer LOVED that one!) Screen capture movie attached of me struggling to snap truss to a corner block. I was attempting to make a simple up-over-down truss archway, and the horizontal truss wanted to snap to every face of the corner block EXCEPT the one I wanted it to. The only fix I had was to pan the camera at a steeper angle. Potential fix: you can j+left click when attempting to select multiple (stacked) objects. A dropdown lets select which object to select. Can there be a similar function when attaching truss? 2020, but I've had this issue with 2019 as well. truss problem.mov
  14. Hi @Conrad P , First off, I love that the forum calls you an "Apprentice"! 😂😂😂 - Yes, device builder. I've created a size that seems to work well with my workflow (see attached). Also, previous versions had a drop-down to select which device label to use on device creation. Any chance this could come back? - I can't seem to find the default rack height option...can you point me to a specific menu location? - (Please forgive my ignorance with this next question...programming isn't my forte, so I'm sure there is a good explanation.) Other built-in plug-ins allow you to edit default and custom values. Video Screen comes to mind, as I have extensively edited that so our go-to lenses and screen sizes are readily available. What makes the device builder or 2d rack different? - No worries at all! I've only made a device or 2 with the full 3d layout. I have intentions of doing my whole device library at some point, but that's on the back burner for a while. Keep up the good work! Josh
  15. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov I agree with @RGyori . My thought was that the data tag orientation would work like a callout...as you move it around the tagged object, the leader attachment point would move, not flip the entire tag.
  16. HELP! I have a data tag pulling info from a TV PIO and a custom record format attached to the TV. I have the tag set to "Auto" horizontal position. When I have my tag positioned to the right, everything is fine. When I have my tag positioned to the left, all the data fields are mirrored (and now doesn't match my legend) Screen grab attached.
  17. Just got CC downloaded and started digging into it. Still have to configure a few things I've modified over the years, but so far so good! Couple things I've noticed so far: - I just started digging into editing my 3d device models in 2019. Simply adding the stock front image of the device makes the rack elevations look pretty realistic. However, I don't see the 3d models folder in the 2020 version. Has the workflow changed in the new version? - Has the option to set the default width of a device while creating it moved someplace else? I have a bunch of device labels color coded by type and 1.5" wide. I typically edit the device after creation to get it laid out the way I like, but this option saved me a few steps during device creation. - It looks like most of the options to customized the plug-ins are greyed out and not editable. example: I had changed the 2d rack plug-in to only have the sizes we typically use available in the dropdown and defaulted to 44 space (our go-to size). Keep up the good work!
  18. Hello mods! Any chance we could get a designated forum just for ConnectCAD questions/problems/feature requests/etc? Probably help keep the other forums clean and organized as well.
  19. I've run into the "can't delete class" problem before: "None" and "Dimension" can't be deleted because the are default classes. If you are using a class that has a a plug-in object assigned to it (data tag, lighting label legend, etc), you have to delete the individual components before you can delete the class
  20. I REALLY wish: 1. The general appearance, workflow and editing structure was more like Excel/Numbers. i.e. entering formulas, merging and aligning with a single click, font and size options readily available, etc 2. A worksheet is available outside of Vectorworks to be edited via Excel/Numbers. Not all of our staff is competent in VW, and offloading some of the tedious data entry would be great. There would have to be a "Merge Worksheets" command when the VW file is re-opened after the worksheet data is edited. Just my $0.02!
  21. Looks like they have more info on the main ConnectCAD landing page https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/connectcad
  22. The new Video Camera tool in 2020 is great! used it a few times to help select the proper camera and lens for a few projects. Feature request: Can the "Show Field of View" cone distance be selectable? Having a cone that is only 10' long isn't very helpful when using a 400mm lens with 2x extender! That would be helpful to get things in the ballpark in top/plan view before fine tuning the camera in 3d/OpenGL
  23. 2019 Spotlight: I'm laying out speakers throughout a building. Each speaker has a record attached with a unique ID, and all the other relevant info for our installers. I'm using data tags and worksheets to convey the info on the drawings. One key field is "Zone", and I'd like to color code the data tag fill with the corresponding color for that zone. (see screen grab) The only way I've found to do this is to attach a different record format to the data tag and manually enter in the zone. It works, but it's an additional step and time consuming. I'd love for this process to be automatic. Is there a way to apply data visualization to the data tag itself based on the object it's attached to...or does a data tag have to have a unique record entry? (note: I had a quick attempt with 2020, and had similar results)
  24. so...update on this. I changed all my design layer scales to 1:1 and it rendered out correctly. They were previously all on 1/16"


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