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  1. Just got CC downloaded and started digging into it. Still have to configure a few things I've modified over the years, but so far so good! Couple things I've noticed so far: - I just started digging into editing my 3d device models in 2019. Simply adding the stock front image of the device makes the rack elevations look pretty realistic. However, I don't see the 3d models folder in the 2020 version. Has the workflow changed in the new version? - Has the option to set the default width of a device while creating it moved someplace else? I have a bunch of device labels color coded by type and 1.5" wide. I typically edit the device after creation to get it laid out the way I like, but this option saved me a few steps during device creation. - It looks like most of the options to customized the plug-ins are greyed out and not editable. example: I had changed the 2d rack plug-in to only have the sizes we typically use available in the dropdown and defaulted to 44 space (our go-to size). Keep up the good work!
  2. Hello mods! Any chance we could get a designated forum just for ConnectCAD questions/problems/feature requests/etc? Probably help keep the other forums clean and organized as well.
  3. I've run into the "can't delete class" problem before: "None" and "Dimension" can't be deleted because the are default classes. If you are using a class that has a a plug-in object assigned to it (data tag, lighting label legend, etc), you have to delete the individual components before you can delete the class
  4. I REALLY wish: 1. The general appearance, workflow and editing structure was more like Excel/Numbers. i.e. entering formulas, merging and aligning with a single click, font and size options readily available, etc 2. A worksheet is available outside of Vectorworks to be edited via Excel/Numbers. Not all of our staff is competent in VW, and offloading some of the tedious data entry would be great. There would have to be a "Merge Worksheets" command when the VW file is re-opened after the worksheet data is edited. Just my $0.02!
  5. Looks like they have more info on the main ConnectCAD landing page https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/connectcad
  6. The new Video Camera tool in 2020 is great! used it a few times to help select the proper camera and lens for a few projects. Feature request: Can the "Show Field of View" cone distance be selectable? Having a cone that is only 10' long isn't very helpful when using a 400mm lens with 2x extender! That would be helpful to get things in the ballpark in top/plan view before fine tuning the camera in 3d/OpenGL
  7. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov it worked perfect! Thank you!
  8. 2019 Spotlight: I'm laying out speakers throughout a building. Each speaker has a record attached with a unique ID, and all the other relevant info for our installers. I'm using data tags and worksheets to convey the info on the drawings. One key field is "Zone", and I'd like to color code the data tag fill with the corresponding color for that zone. (see screen grab) The only way I've found to do this is to attach a different record format to the data tag and manually enter in the zone. It works, but it's an additional step and time consuming. I'd love for this process to be automatic. Is there a way to apply data visualization to the data tag itself based on the object it's attached to...or does a data tag have to have a unique record entry? (note: I had a quick attempt with 2020, and had similar results)
  9. so...update on this. I changed all my design layer scales to 1:1 and it rendered out correctly. They were previously all on 1/16"
  10. I created a NURBS curve, set the elevation and dialed in each key-frame with the view I want. I step through each frame, open the camera a new pane, play the path and all is good. When I create the movie, regardless of the settings on the "create movie" dialog, the path is incorrect on the rendered movie. It appears as all white, and (I think) it moves around outside or above/below the room before coming into the room I'm working on for the final frame. attached is a low-res, OpenGL render to show what is going on. test 4.mov
  11. I have yet to see a work-around for this, but I'd love the option to duplicate palettes. Two uses: I use record formats attached to symbols extensively. Having to swap between the "Shape" and "Data" tabs is a pain. I'd like to have a window for each open. Having different tabs in the Navigation window open at the same time showing your class and layer lists. Thoughts?
  12. YES! This has been on my "send to Vectorworks" list for quite a while!
  13. Reading though the posts...this will be available for Architect and Landmark users. Any chance a stripped-down version could be implemented for Spotlight users? I don't think we need the fine level of detail required by others. However, when designing an outdoor event having the topographical or terrain details could be very helpful.
  14. Here you go! a few other data tags are there showing they work...just some odd rounding error (and no unit transfers over as well) speaker array weight glitch.vwx
  15. Built a speaker array with the components I needed, and created a data tag to notate the array name and its weight. VW decided to be VERY accurate, but... I adjusted the drawings units, re-entered each of the components weight, deleted and re-inserted the data tag...no luck. Also, the units of measurement aren't transferring to the data tag. Any ideas? (btw...the array weight should have been 885lbs. The difference is 0.00000072 lbs, or about 14 grains of sand.)
  16. Title says it all! See attached. Anybody else able to recreate this?
  17. it accomplishes about 95% of what I want it to do...however any annotations appear outside the crop box (callouts and labels) See attached #1. In my head, the border would be where the highlighting perimeter is when you select the viewport. See attached #2.
  18. I'd love the option to create a border for a SLVP natively. Currently workflow is creating a rectangle with no fill and placing it over the SLVP. Application: If I put the main drawing and a detail on the same sheet, the detail drawing stands out a bit better if I put a border around it
  19. My two requests for worksheets: - Make the functionality and interaction more like Excell/Numbers (formulas, moving cells, merging, etc) - The ability to import, export and reference cells/columns/data from an external spreadsheet file (or have the worksheet portion of the file .vwx file separate and externally editable.) Hope I didn't hijack your thread!
  20. I think everybody has seen the press release about Vectorworks (or Nemetschek) buying ConnectCAD. Pretty excited to see what develops! Wonder if any of the VW staff (or maybe Conrad) who monitor this board can comment about what to expect in the 2020 release? Features, pricing, etc. From the press release, it seems that it will be a part of the software (C++), not a plug-in (Vectorscript)
  21. I find using the "Point on Arc" mode really useful for the work I do...I'd love to have that mode available when drawing other shapes. Polyline and spaces in particular. Thoughts, or am I missing something hidden in a menu? EDIT: It's there, but doesn't behave the way it does when using the Arc tool
  22. Maybe a newbie question...I'm a spotlight user, and this question may fall under more of an architectural scope. Example: I build a project with a number of spaces (in 3d) and objects (lights, speakers, symbols, etc) I'd like to create a report that lists the object name and a location in columns. As I move/place/duplicate an object, I'd like to object to automatically "associate" with the space it is in. How do I associate an object to a space I created? Can an object "know" that it is "in" a space? I'm sure it can be done via record formats and the report tool, but unsure how. I see that every space is given a unique (hexadecimal) name, but I think I'm missing a step in the middle. Does this make sense? Pardon the "air quotes". I'm using a lot of layman terms that probably aren't correct! Thanks! Josh
  23. Thanks Kevin, that makes sense. But is there a way to make these consistent? I'd like the option for these to look the same across the entire drawing,
  24. We get a whole folder of .dwg's from an architect...sometimes hundreds, and I only need one or two (floorplan and RCP). If they are not organized or labeled properly, I find myself opening them one-by-one in AutoCAD LT until I find the correct one. Then I have to import it into VW. It would speed up the workflow a bit. It would also be nice to consolidate all the apps on my computer.


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