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  1. Thank you again. i did not have this problem on my older MacBook. My boss had this problem and says it started closing fine seemingly out of the blue.
  2. That did not work. And I have to get my templates, blocks and settings back in. If this is a great mystery to VWX then I am going to leave it alone and keep Force Quitting. Thank you for trying.
  3. Deactivated and rebooted. Same.
  4. I am not that knowledgable to know why I would move folders. It is a new machine. I do some project share and some not. I use Spotlight workspace. I save projects to DBX.
  5. Mohave 10.14.5 and yes VWX SP4 currently up to date. build 490894
  6. 2019 on New MacBook - I have to "force quit" every time I quit. I get the spinning color wheel and Vectorworks Not Responding in force quit menu. I have left it for an hour. It does not quit. How can I fix this?
  7. I am having the same issue with new machine. Old MacBook did not do this.


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