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  1. 029_Stage 1 Model_210719 NO IMPORT.vwxOk please see attached file. It's worth noting that it was messing up in a previous incarnation where when doing walk through mode it was cutting a section (a bit like an unwanted clip cube) through objects a set distance in front of me whilst i walked around. Through this forum I concluded it to be potentially due to an imported DXF. So i copied all the layers into a new file omitting the DXF and that problem went away. Ive updated my signature sorry. many thanks
  2. Hi Pat, no its not that, for example in order to highlight whole model for the screen grab i had both layers and classes to 'Show, snap, modify others' thanks
  3. My model which has been working fine for a few days suddenly started disappearing when i use flyover mode, render or try to leave top/plan view in general. The model is still there as i can select it and see the form of it highlighted. (see screen grab) Ive tried and checked unified view and made sure all the layers are the same scale. I cant think of any of reason for this happening. Please help.
  4. @Matt Panzer Please see attached. Thank you Option 1_View 1.vwx
  5. I would like to export this view port in hidden line but the area it renders is truncated for some reason. When I update the viewport for example with Renderworks as background render and hidden line as foreground render, the Renderworks fills the whole viewport, whereas the hidden line only on part. Ive attached a screen shot of the view port. Ive noticed in the model when moving around in Open GL that it seems to be cutting through objects, almost like a section, which I have not really experienced before, so may be related.
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