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  1. Hello, I just started having this issue. I'm labeling a number of tables for a seating layout and it crashes directly to the desk top. I'm having to save in between each adjustment. I have tried resaving the file, purging, removing unused design layers to make the file size 132mb as opposed to the 536mb it was originally. I have about 210 text boxes in the file, and the same number of 3D table objects. All of which need to stay in the document. A couple things that I have noticed with this: it happens seemingly when I double click on a new text box to edit it. If I let the file just sit open it won't just crash on its own. the back up files are far smaller than the actual file. main file is 536mb and back up some how ends up as 36mb. When I save directly the full file size is saved. The crash time varies, it is not always the first box I try to edit. Sometimes its the 7th, sometimes its the 23rd but inevitably it does does crash. I'm running VW 2017 SP2 (Build 338823) my machine is: macOS 10.12.3 l MacPro (mid 2012) l 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon l 24 GB RAM l Nvidia GeForce GT120 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti (3 monitor set up)


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