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  1. 15 minutes ago, Selin said:

    @Andy Broomell that'd be really helpful, thank you! Can you please dm me the file or send it to maydin@vectorworks.net? 



    Yeah, cancelling/switching to another job might be the cause. I'll try that heavily.

    Thanks for your notes these are pretty useful!

    That fail happens to me too in that scenario but also when I stay on the viewport. So I don’t think that’s the root cause 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Selin said:

    I've read everyone's frustration comments and trust me, I know.😩 This is the worst kind of rendering bug, sorry for this inconvenience!


    This issue is about CineRender crashing. When Renderworks is in a healthy state, you'll see a process called CineRenderNEM running in the Activity Monitor. When you start to get black renderings, there's a 99% chance that this process will no longer show in the Activity Monitor. This means Renderworks is dead. It wouldn't matter if you changed the settings or cleared a cache (which is actually done by changing settings) or anything else.


    So, if you looked at your activity monitor and didn't see CineRender, the ONLY workaround would be to restart Vectorworks.


    Now that being said, we don't have a well defined set of steps that causes this crash. Anytime someone reports it, they are fiddling with different settings. So far my impression is that changing lighting overrides is likely to cause this but that's not certain. I have tried many different files and steps and I can't reproduce this myself. I need to be able to reproduce it in the debugger myself to see what's causing it.


    So, if you could determine what's most likely to cause this, please let me know!


    On the CR version: Vectorworks uses the most current CineRender version since last year. Before that we were following a year behind. So, 2018 has R18 in it and 2019 will have R19. Let's hope that R19 doesn't have the crash.

    Yes my experience has been that this issue particularly manifests when you change lighting settings. Changes in custom style settings also seem to trigger the issue. Thanks for your thoughts 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Andy Broomell said:

    I know I've posted in this topic a number of times, but this is honestly the most frustrating bug I've ever encountered. Absolute hindrance to productivity.


    This happens an average of 5-10 times a day (granted I do a LOT of rendering in one day). Each time sets me back probably about 5 minutes, once you add the time it takes to realize the bug is occurring, save the file, close Vectorworks, restart, hit render again (which takes longer now because nothing is cached), and get your mind back into point it was before you hit this roadblock. So let's say I lose 30 minutes a day.


    There are three people rendering in the studio where I'm currently working. We all experience this issue (on unrelated files, started from different templates, with different workspaces, etc). Between the three of us that's about an hour and a half a day. Or 7.5 hours lost for the week. We're in the 19th week of the year. So far in 2018 we've probably lost 142 hours of billable time. That is many thousands of dollars lost because Vectorworks can't fix this bug.


    Sorry to rant, but we're already in SP3 and no signs of change ☹️


    (Can I send an invoice to Vectorworks for the lost time?) 😁

    Yes like you I’ve posted numerous times about this. I’ve tried without success to pin it down to a procedure I might be doing but it happens too frequently after various different actions. My current thinking is that changing lights settings seems to trigger an instant render fail. 


    Rapid changes in a file followed by re-renders results in failures which are only resolved by quitting. I’m doing this so often in these circumstances that I’ve given up trying to count the time or cost. 


    I like to work on the model, render and carry on modelling. Because of the lack of progress in resolving this issue my only recourse is to work on the model without rendering and leave that to the last so as to avoid the inevitable delays in restarting VW. 


    Hey ho 



  4. 37 minutes ago, JimW said:

    Anecdotally it seems to have been less for me since sp3, however my rendering work since then hasn't been as intensive as it is when I'm prepping for the a release or the Design Summit, so this could just be a bias on my part. It is ABSOLUTELY still happening though, most commonly at least for me when I am rapidly updating/interrupting renders, overriding content of viewports by class or overriding lights.

    Ditto. Particularly when I’m rapidly updating. I’ve found quitting out is the only solution. V frustrating and time wasteful on big files. 

  5. On 10/02/2018 at 7:25 PM, abcdefgarin said:

    Not sure if this has been solved, but I just discovered that if you use the render bitmap tool to render, and then re-render using the standard interface, it seems to reset itself. I haven't tested this work around with viewports yet, but wanted to put that out in the world. Certainly better than having to restart, which is obviously a huge timesuck.



    ok. Its possibly an interesting workaround but for me the issue occurs when I'm on a Sheet layer with viewports. I'll try the render bitmap tool tip even though this means going back into the model and then back out to my sheet layer but its still clunky and less than ideal. Just to re-state the issue that I have on a daily basis. If I make modifications to the model and then go back to my viewport it often renders black. I'm using a custom style in all these cases. Making tweaks to the custom style sometimes forces a proper render. Switching to Open GL has occasionally worked but its less reliable. Closing down the file and re-opening can sometimes work too. But the most sure fire method seems to quit out of VW and re-open the file but obviously this is really frustrating and time wasteful. I really wish that Nemetschek would address this. 

    I'm using VW2018 SP2.

  6. On 20/09/2017 at 9:39 AM, HCLightfoot said:

    I've just started using Vectorworks 2018 and this is an incredibly frustrating problem that I'm having, not just with final render, but with custom. It's driving my up the wall. Is there a solution? I Never had this problem using 2017

    Yes. I had hoped that 2018 would see this solved but after not having the problem it now has come back. The only reliable but irritating solution I've found is to quit out of VW and restart. 

    I've tried all the other suggestions : editing the style/ toggling cache off and on and I haven't seen a reliable pattern to suggest that any of those action resolve.

    Its really a very annoying bug when you're rendering a viewport multiple times to see changes to the model. BTW I use a custom render style.

  7. Generally i've found that the process works well although render times are very long. I've had to split up my model onto different layers ( and selectively switch these layers off/on) as too often the render failed because of model complexity. Switching off soft shadows on light objects helps tremendously as well. I'd agree with previous comments about batch renders and more information about the render progress.

  8. HI can anybody help me? I'm having issues understanding why i can't get a grass shader to render correctly on a site model. I'm using a custom render style with grass checked in the options but it always appears as a flat image rather than as grass blades. The site model is set as a 3D mesh solid with the grass shader applied as a texture. I've tested the grass shader on a smaller site model mock up and it works fine - but not on the larger model. All things are equal so what am i missing!? Files attached showing test screenshot and main model.


    Using VW2017


    Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.23.51.png

  9. On 23/09/2016 at 5:45 PM, MikeB said:


    I'm having an issue with the Final Quality Renderworks mode

    I'm working on a model and render the model on screen in Final Quality Renderworks, then I switch back to open GL and edit an extrusion.

    The changes to the extrusion show up in open GL, but when I switch to Final Quality Renderworks, the rendering show up almost immediately , but the changes to the extrude are not shown.  It appears to be showing a cashed version of the rendering and not actually re-rendering.

    If I select Final Quality Renderworks again, it asks if I want to re-render the scene, I say yes, but it still shows the old geometry.

    The only way I've found around this is to quit and restart VW

    I tried setting the Retain Rending Model in the VW preferences to Never, that didn't help



    I'm having similar issues with VW 2017 Sp2. A custom render style in a viewport renders ok first time round but when I make a change the same viewport then renders badly - usually to a black viewport. The only way I seem to be able to effect a proper render is to quit out of VW and reboot the app. I've tried applying a different render to the viewport to see if that will refresh/ also close the running file but neither approach works. This didn't happen in VW 2016. Any suggestions....

  10. I'm having issues importing manufacturer product RVT files from a BIM store. The files open ok but there are no textures, just class texture objects. i can't see a way of bringing in the respective material library. From the same place i've brought in a rfa file and that seems to work fine with the objects rendering correctly and when i look in the Resources Browser there are attached records. Can anybody share any tips on how to do this/ resolve please

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