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  1. Selin

    Renderworks & Clip Cube issue

    Hi @Sittingducks, clip cube sometimes smoothes surfaces it shouldn't. Can you please DM me an example file or send me an email so we can take a look at it?
  2. Selin

    ClipCube Viewport Problem

    This issue is fixed in version 2020. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  3. Selin

    Worth getting a dual processor motherboard?

    Hi @cwetstein I'll answer the Renderworks part of the question. It will still be using CPU only, as RW is based on the CineRender engine and CineRender doesn't have GPU accelerated renderings as of version 20.
  4. Selin

    stop a render in progress

    A little update on the issue. So, in terms of Renderworks, the behavior for the Esc key hasn't changed. However, apparently because of OS updates, Renderworks doesn't know the key is pressed now. This issue will be solved in the next version, sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Selin

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Yes, @Andy Broomell This is a known bug assigned to engineers who worked on the Image Effects task. I pushed both for image effects and the OpenGL black background bugs to be fixed in SP4 but I'm not certain. They're both out of my hands now. @SNOJNKY this is a RW viewport and your image compression is set to PNG right? If so, this sounds like the hard to reproduce black RW VP bug. When you get the black viewport once, can you still use other Renderworks features? (Like successfully creating a texture)
  6. Selin

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    JPEG compression not working with RW was a known bug that was fixed in SP3. OpenGL is different though. I see a couple bugs about OGL black backgrounds, looks like it'll be fixed in the next version. VB-156254, VB-157004, VB-156910
  7. Selin

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Yes this is different. The infamous 'black viewport' issue is when a Renderworks viewport consistently produces a fully black rendering. This one is in OpenGL and you can actually see the geometry rendered. Just the background is black. @halfcouple Do you see the background in the design layer?
  8. Selin

    Viewport not rendering

    Is your default image compression JPEG? Does it work when you switch to PNG? Does it work with other RW modes?
  9. Selin

    "Clip-Bubble-Cube" VS reality effects

    I'm afraid backgrounds won't make any difference @Zeno You might need to use a section viewport.
  10. Selin

    Renderworks blank

    What is your image compression setting? Try changing it from Preferences>Edit>Default compression to PNG. We have a known bug about JPEGs in SP2.
  11. Selin


    Have you tried using an image bump shader with displacement or parallax? If not, try a pebble image with parallax first. Displacement might look better but it'll take considerably longer time to render.
  12. Selin

    "Clip-Bubble-Cube" VS reality effects

    Hi @Zeno this looks like a Renderworks viewport. This is because we use C4D's (also CineRender's) boolean objects in RW to do clip cube, and they don't work well with normals. The geometry either looks faceted or too rounded sometimes. It also relates to normals and winding order not being too reliable in VW. OpenGL viewports shouldn't have this problem though.
  13. Selin

    Rendered viewport turns black

    No problem, apologies for the hold up. JPEGs will be fixed in the next SP.
  14. Selin

    Rendered viewport turns black

    Hi @klabeko, is your default compression (Preferences>Edit>Default compression) set to JPEG? I have tested SP2 as well and PNG compression works while JPEG renders white.
  15. Selin

    Rendered viewport turns black

    I'm not able to reproduce this with SP3 beta (471167). It was probably fixed by a change between SP2 & SP3.


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