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  1. Vectorworks has a built in Cloth shader under Reflectivity>Cloth. This shader is based on Cinema4D's Irawan(Cloth) shader model. Cloth presets define the weave pattern of certain fabrics, and you can fine tune the irregularities, shine properties of the cloth to get a velvet look. You can also add a Noise shader on top to get an overall rough feeling, and/or an Image shader for a pattern. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi @Kaare Baekgaard, could you send me the file you were using so we can debug this? OpenGL settings shouldn't affect this behavior.
  3. I've looked deeper into this and it is actually working as designed. Data visualization overrides the appearance of all objects. Because instances adopt the appearance of symbol definitions rather than the overrides, if we ignore data visualization and let export create instances, they use the color of symbols pre-data viz. Though plain geometry still uses data viz. colors. This creates a mixed effect that is wrong in any way. For data viz. to be rendered correctly, we need to disable instancing. Sorry for the confusion. When we can't have both, accurate renderings and exports are higher priority than file organization and other optimizations. I suggest turning off data viz. for symbol heavy exports like this and achieving your 'override' effect by modifying the symbol definition directly from Cinema.
  4. You can turn it off from the drop down menu next to the render mode drop down.
  5. Hi @Wesley Burrows upon investigation I have realized the reason for that is because you have Data Visualization on in your Design Layer. I'm not so certain about the reasoning yet but I'm looking into it. Meanwhile, turning Data Viz. off just for the export would be a workaround.
  6. Yes. This issue will be fixed in the next version. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Hi @Sittingducks, clip cube sometimes smoothes surfaces it shouldn't. Can you please DM me an example file or send me an email so we can take a look at it?
  8. This issue is fixed in version 2020. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  9. Hi @cwetstein I'll answer the Renderworks part of the question. It will still be using CPU only, as RW is based on the CineRender engine and CineRender doesn't have GPU accelerated renderings as of version 20.
  10. A little update on the issue. So, in terms of Renderworks, the behavior for the Esc key hasn't changed. However, apparently because of OS updates, Renderworks doesn't know the key is pressed now. This issue will be solved in the next version, sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Yes, @Andy Broomell This is a known bug assigned to engineers who worked on the Image Effects task. I pushed both for image effects and the OpenGL black background bugs to be fixed in SP4 but I'm not certain. They're both out of my hands now. @SNOJNKY this is a RW viewport and your image compression is set to PNG right? If so, this sounds like the hard to reproduce black RW VP bug. When you get the black viewport once, can you still use other Renderworks features? (Like successfully creating a texture)
  12. JPEG compression not working with RW was a known bug that was fixed in SP3. OpenGL is different though. I see a couple bugs about OGL black backgrounds, looks like it'll be fixed in the next version. VB-156254, VB-157004, VB-156910
  13. Yes this is different. The infamous 'black viewport' issue is when a Renderworks viewport consistently produces a fully black rendering. This one is in OpenGL and you can actually see the geometry rendered. Just the background is black. @halfcouple Do you see the background in the design layer?
  14. Is your default image compression JPEG? Does it work when you switch to PNG? Does it work with other RW modes?
  15. I'm afraid backgrounds won't make any difference @Zeno You might need to use a section viewport.


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