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  1. I have to agree with Mickey. This is unnecessarily complicated. I had to come here to figure out how to do it in 2018. I used to do it all the time before this version. Thanks for the info.
  2. I am working on a small light plot. Less than a 100 lights and total file size under 5 MB. Just started using 2010. Updated to SP3 on Windows XP. When I open label legend manager and make a change it takes 5-7 seconds for the box to close. In 2008 it took less than a second. Anyone else seeing this?
  3. I am trying to import a PDF file and trace over it. This is a common problem for us. In the past I have used Illustrator to open the PDF and save as an EPS. I am trying to avoid that step since our company doesn't use Illustrator often and only owns a few copies. Is there a way to import a PDF much like impoting a JPEG?
  4. Well, I got it to work once by using a combination of the methods suggested but I can't get it again. After I got it once I moved on to the next phase. I am trying to build a multi peak tent by combining the tent shapes into one shape. However, I can't use the add solids command. How can I make the tent shapes into a solid that can be combined with other shapes? I will then need to put those shapes on a wall structure that is the bottom 1/2 of the tent.
  5. I checked out the Revolve Rail Surface tutorial and I ran into a problem. After creating the polygon, axis and NURBS curve, I tried to Model>Revolve Rail and it says that I need to pick a profile curve on the same plane. I have tried to follow the instructions 4 times and get the same result. Can somebody else give it a shot? There is one place that says "change the plane of the vertex to be perpindicular to the plane of the polygon" I think that I did that by changing the XYZ of the vertix. But maybe there is a command I am missing. Any suggestions?
  6. Ahh yes! Now I remember. I had already tried to layer link but ran out of memory to render it as unshaded poygon. (the only way to make the wall solid.) So I was working around it by leaving the other layers in wireframe, aligning all layers, and only rendering the walls. Is there any way to make the rendering less memory intensive? The drawing is about 13 MB and I have 120 MB allotted to VW. Anything I can do?
  7. I am trying to look at different layers at the same time. I have toi investigate the set up of z and ?z to see what I need to change. Any input would be appreciated. I just want to reitterate that no matter how many layers I'm using everything looks correct in side view. It's the front elevation that gets screwy.
  8. That wasn's a silly question. It was the right question. I had a hatch in the 2D part of the sybol but no cavity fill. That helped. I still can't get it to render properly in front view without putting things on the same layer. Or in one instance changing the layer order. I put a video screen in 3D on a stage. When I look at in section everything looks great. When I look at it in front elevation by itself it's a solid color. When I looked at in front w/ everything it was behnind the back wall. So I went to layers and moved the screen on top of the walls and it worked. Do you know why that is and how to get around it? It's not very useful if you are trying to use the same drawing for ground plans and elevations. Thanks for your input.
  9. I am using 9.5.2 on MAc OS 9.2.2. I have been using VW for years and do mostly 2D. I recently drew a theatre w/ drapes and a lighting grid using hybrid symbols, walls, and some 3D objects. The walls are one layer, the drape another and the grid another. When I look at the drawing in side view it looks great. When I switch to a front elevation I can see thru the wall to the drape behind. I tried layer linking to a separate layer, different renderings, and putting the wall and drape on same layer. There is nothing the manual that I can find. Any suggestions?
  10. I have to jump on the update problem wagon. I have tried updating from both the Web based instaler and downloading the whole intaller. Both times the installer crashed as soon it started "working". After it found my version of 9.5 but before it installed a single file, it locked up the computer. I'm on G3 333. 192 MB RAM OS 9.2.1. 50 MB Ram allotted to VW. CarbonLib v. 1.4. Version 9.5 is working fine but I wanted to install 3D pack. Anybody else having this problem?
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