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  1. 1 of 3 video screens in my drawing is rendering black in color but all 3 are set to display color bars. Thoughts?
  2. Quick question: I have a theatre that I have modeled in 3D and have each element of the theatre on a different layer, but it seems to be a pain when you want to change the rendering or perspective of all layers you seem to have to go into each one and change it separately. Is there an easy way to do this? So should I be using classes instead of layers?
  3. I draw an item to inch scale so the item is 1" square, then I tell it to create symbol and it adds it to the resource panel... Then when I try to add it to a drawing, say 1/4" scale, it is 10x bigger than it is supposed to be...
  4. How come when I create a symbol and try to add it to an object library, then try adding it to a new document it is 10x bigger than it is supposed to be? How do I make it keep it's scale?
  5. So, I have a question, howw come I can't export from v11 to a v9 file without having to export to v10 and then open it in v10 and export to v9? This is such a PAIN in the butt!
  6. Hey, I drew a 3D object of the shape of my stage, I told it to use a 25 pixel outline, and fill with a tan color, I can see the outline in wireframe mode obviously, but when I use renderworks, it only shows the object filled in solid with the tan color. Is there a way to make it show both the tan fill color over layed with the outline? Any steering in the right direction would be helpful, thanks! --Chris Batchelor-- crbatchelor@mac.com http://www.crbatchelor.com
  7. So I am trying to over hang some fixtures but make them point down to the stage not into the sky like they currently are... How is this done?
  8. Ok, so I think I have decided that the look of 5 x 7 truss will be good enough, but now I am looking for a good way to draw 3d pipe, that I can then convert to a lighting position and hang lights on.
  9. Anyone have an easy way of building 5 x 7 scaffolding towers? I would like them to be 3d... Thanks!
  10. Hmm -- That is what I figured, but I still don't see how you are saying to do it. The two boxes I see are "Show 3D Detail" and "Highlight". Lets make sure I am on the right track here... I inserted truss, modified truss length/width/etc. Then click on the truss section and go to the Object Info Palette... But that is as far as I could get... I couldn't find the check box you guys were talking about. Am I doing somthing wrong?
  11. I also have Vectorworks 9.5.0b7 installed, it was the 1st available OS X download available. And I cannot install 9.5.1 either. Do we need to reinstall the full version, not the beta and then upgrade?
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