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  1. Hi all.


    After enabling the Railing/Fence tool, and then go into its settings, VW crashes each time I try to select a symbol from the Symbol Selection drop-down menu button.  I don't even get the spinning beachball.  Just poof, VW is gone.  This happens even after I successfully draw a polyline with the default settings and then go back into settings through the OIP and try to select another symbol.


    I'm using the latest version VW Arch on an older MacBook Pro running Catalina.

  2. Thanks Alan. Yes I'm used to doing it that way but I thought since my roof was a very conventional one, I could use the Create Roof command and see if the fascia option would make it easier to create a fascia.  My results are less than desirable so I was wondering what I was doing wrong.  

  3. After setting the dimensions of the fascia in the dialog box, how do I adjust the height of the fascia relative to the roof plane?  Right now it puts it right in the middle of the middle component.  I can change the bearing height of the roof to get the fascia where I want it, but that seems....not right.

    Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 4.52.35 PM.png

  4. Coming to VW 2022 from v2009,  I'm looking to create a new texture like you could way back then.  Is there another way to access the different ways of texture creation that v2009 had as shown below?  What happened to all those options?  I'm just trying to make a simple colored texture to mimic horizontal beveled siding, with the ability to adjust the spacing of the lines.


    Screen shot 2022-04-27 at 8.11.17 AM.jpg

  5. You may have done this already but I've been caught by this before. When you're changing the mapping of a wall texture, make sure the correct part of the wall (right or left) that you want changed is selected before changing the mapping for that side.

  6. I love a good render, but I'm curious to know if there are any clients in the residential design market that want, and are willing to pay for, such high quality renders. How much are they willing to pay?

    Or is this more for the large commercial projects, lighting design or for smaller object modeling which would be easier to do in those better modeling programs?

  7. Thanks for the verification guys.

    I think I'll stick with the slicing/extrude method rather than subtracting solids which I'm guessing would result in more bloated file sizes. I don't like OpenGL as a presentation type anyway, it's more useful for quick visualizing for me during the design process.

    Has this been submitted as a bug yet by anybody? NNA? It sure seems like one.

  8. I'm getting these extra lines appearing where they shouldn't when I have "draw edges" selected for the OpenGL options. These are simple extrudes, and playing with all the other options (anti-aliasing, detail levels, quartz, line render smoothing angles, 3D conv. res.) doesn't change anything.

    Has anyone seen this before? This a new file generated in VW2009

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