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  1. thanks for the help. I guess there is no easy and simple way to do this ... but there ought to be. Tom: I am not a Service Select member, so I guess I can't see the video.
  2. Need simple help with this: when a large window exists on both the first and second floors, how do you get it to show in 3D on both floors? That is .... if I insert the window symbol in the first floor, the second floor wall will show a solid wall instead of the top half of the window. Inserting a duplicate symbol on both floors doesn't help, since the window schedule will have the duplicate. I've been using a work-around by cutting a hole in the second floor wall, but this seems cumbersome and there must be a better way. Please show me the way.
  3. OK .. thanks for the confirmation. At least now I know it is not operator error (that's usually what occurs for me).
  4. OK ... thanks for your help, Jim. Here is a file with only the texture, on a wall. I notice that the OpenGL rendering is really bad, could that be related ?
  5. Thanks for the tips ... but no solution so far. I tried most of the tips you suggested. I've convinced myself this is just one of those "mysteries" that can't be solved. Look at this attachment of a 3D isometric image. Notice the texture fades on the right side, top and bottom of each wall. It is not related to the wall height. The wall joining conditions on both sides are the same (notice the left side doesn't have the texture failure). Time for Jim to look at this as a bug. In the meantime, I'll find a work-around.
  6. I have only one light source (directional). I have another directional source that is 'off' so that shouldn't matter. I changed the pan/azimuth and it has an affect, but doesn't solve the problem. I changed the texture to remove the reflectivity, but that didn't help. I'm using a bump pattern to make the mortar joints, so I can't remove the texture bump. Here is the result (see attached file). Any other ideas ?
  7. I'm trying to model an existing CMU pattern and I need some help to explain this. Look at the attached file and you'll see the repeating pattern looks different on the right edge and along the horizontal band at the 2nd floor height. Can anyone explain why it looks different or how I can fix it ? (it is not related to the monitor resolution ... it looks like this at any magnification). (also ... the problem does not repeat in a pattern.)
  8. zoomer: thanks for the link. However, could anyone explain how the textures in the final few frames of zoomer's Utube link are made? I see bricks that are not repetitive (not based on an image) and have random colors ... but I sure can't figure out how to make that occur using the RW brick shaders. Everything I can figure out makes a repetitive pattern.
  9. thanks for the input .... Alan, your marionette script is cool, but it doesn't really solve my initial wish list request. That is, i want to be able to change all the crown moldings in a house at the same time. With your solution, I would have to go to each room and change each marionette object separately. Also ... someone suggested adding this feature to a wall style. I don't think this would be a good idea, because the walls are already complicated, and adding this would cause issues in the way the walls are joined, or using one wall that goes through several rooms. The crown might be in one room, but not in the next room. This would cause the same problem we already have where one continuous wall might have a different color in one room than the next. It is annoying to have to use several individual walls just to represent different colors in different rooms. Also .... what if I want to use the same feature to put in a picture rail or chair rail. Now the "wall" control would have to include a height parameter for the extruded object. Too complex !
  10. I've always been frustrated by this simple problem. I use a certain molding profile to make a wall base or crown molding, then make a 3D object using "extrude along path". However, if I change the 2D polygon later, then I have to go back and change every single "extrude along path" object (crown molding or wall base). IF I had been able to use a 2D symbol when making the "extrude along path", then I could change the symbol at a later time and all the crown molding in the building would change at the same time. Right now, VW does not allow you to use a 2D symbol for an extrude profile.
  11. thanks for the info .... pdf file size is a problem that has often frustrated me.
  12. minor help needed: I turned on all layers and all classes. Then I used the "Custom Selection" menu item to "Select Only" items that have class "ABC". It reports that there are two items that match that description. Then I click "OK" and the dialog box goes away. However, a check of the OIP indicates no items are selected. I can not find anything on the screen that is selected with the visible selection handles. Why doesn't this work ? What am I missing ? Could the items be a component of a symbol or group that has a different class ? I'm using VW 2015 Designer on iMac OS 10.10.5
  13. I can't easily figure out which version used to do this ... but I'm pretty sure it was eliminated about 5 years ago, when the renderworks rendering engine had a major overhaul and introduced all these terms I don't understand ( like "Buya" "Pezo" and "Zada"). I attached a poor image, but look at the foundation brick and you'll see brick that have a different color shade, and they are not in a repeating pattern. It was made in 2005.
  14. OK ... so it appears there is no solution. Anyone else have an idea? It used to be possible in a VW version from several years ago, but not now. Two steps forward, one step back.
  15. simple help needed: is there a way to make a brick texture that shows random color variation between bricks? I know how to use a repeating image, but this is unsatisfactory simply because it is a repeating image, and not like real-life random variation.
  16. Zoomer and Cipes: thanks for the tips. However, I tried adding more vertices to the asphalt site modifier and to the building pad and it doesn't have much (or any) affect. As far as I can tell, I have no conflicts between intersecting site modifiers. I raised the 'Z' value of the asphalt site modifier to 5' then to 15' and neither movement made any difference. In the meantime, I discovered the lines disappear when using "3D triangulated contours" instead of "3D extruded contours" so I guess I'll just use that as a work-around. Also: I didn't post the file because it is pretty darn big (263 Meg).
  17. I attached an image of a texture bed for an asphalt driveway that shows irritating green lines from the DTM interfering with the pavement rendering. How do I get rid of these lines? The image is rendered in Renderworks, VW 2015, using DTM set to 3D extruded contours at 4" intervals. I tried to raise the 'Z' value of the site modifier for the pavement, but it didn't make any difference.
  18. I have a 3D model that is now over 450 meg in file size and I'm asking for tips on how to reduce the file size. My iMac is still handling it fairly well, but I figure if the file size were smaller it would render faster. I have deleted a few imbedded pdf images, and ran the "purge unused" command, but that only reduced the file size by about 20 meg. What takes up all the space ? Wall styles ? record formats ? textures ? 3D symbols ? door and window PIO ? This model is just for rendering, and doesn't have construction drawings, sections, details or multiple drawing sheets.
  19. OK ... I was suspicious this would work, but on the 18th time I hit "try again" it worked and is now operating correctly. Thus ... I posted this reply to thank you and let others know about this problem and solution.
  20. I've used VW 2015 on my Macbook Air for over a year, but recently it will no longer activate. That is, it launches, but at the end of the launch it asks me to activate on the internet before I can use it. I am certain it is not in use on any other computer at the time I try to launch it. I attached two screen captures to help explain it. I suspect (but can not prove) it may have something to do with upgrading to Mac OS 10.10.5. It could also involve an upgrade to VW version sp5. I don't use VW on my MacBook very much, but it is still working well on my 27" iMac after upgrading the iMac to OS 10.10.5 and VW sp5. Can anyone help with this ?
  21. thanks for the tips. However, I haven't upgraded to VW 2106 and I can't open your file, Luis. The jpg image is very impressive. Now I have something to aim for. PS: is there a method for me to open VW 2016 files when using VW 2015 ?
  22. Can anyone tell me how to get the proper shader settings to make a stained glass window ? I know how to get an image and make the window. I can't figure out how to take the image/texture and make it render such that light goes through it and yet causes the colors in the glass to "glow" like a real stained glass window.
  23. no ... I don't want to change the order of the data fields. In this case, the OIP does not show the door plug-in object data field for key code. I want to make it show up in the OIP so i don't have to always access the "settings" dialog box to get to it. any other suggestions ?
  24. I recall there is a way to change the data fields as listed in the Object info Palette, but I can't figure out how to do it. Can anyone help ? Specifically, I want the OIP to show the data field for a door plug-in object to show the field for the door hardware key code. I know I can get to it by picking 'settings' from the OIP, then scrolling around until I find it. But I would much rather be able to see it immediately when I select the door and the OIP shows the door parameters. Thanks for any help, in advance.
  25. thank you so very much .... Marvel. I tried a million times to change the "feet and inches" setting without success. However .... The key was to change the cell format in the number tab to be = "dimension" ... instant success. Thanks.
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