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  1. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=12;t=005871
  2. My VW12 crashes when I try to import DWG:s made in a program called ADT 2004. It crashes when the conversion has come to "reading paper space entities". Sometimes, lets say 1 time out of 5, it works, but the result isn't very satisfying. The drawings are all messed up and nothing looks like its suppose to. I really don?t know what to do, my VW12 is totally useless unless if I cant import DWG:s. Anyone who had similar problems?
  3. I have still not recived any answer about my problem Katie! i mailed you the drawings the 28/12-05... Are you working on it? I?m getting desperate... Kind regards / Fredrik Amn
  4. Hello I recently bought VW 12 and today I tested to import DWG:s for the first time. I tried to import a directory with 9 DWG-drawing in. Everything seem to run smooth at first but after the first about 3-5 drawings was converted VW shut down. I got the "VW has unexpectedly quit, do you want to send a report to Apple?" window. This also happens when I try to import single drawings! Need help! Kind regards / Fredrik Amn
  5. Hi, Today a customer sent me a dwg that i can?t import... When i try, i get this error message: OpenDWG Library Error 8: This DWG version is not supported This has never happend before, is it anything i can do accept for upgade to VW11? /Fredrik Amnes
  6. Sounds like VW 11 is a good investment.... =)
  7. Hi I have like 50 dwg:s containing different parts off a office-building, what would you say is the fastest and most efficient way to import all off these to one drawing? (IN VW 10!!!!) Best reguard Fredrik
  8. I?ve tried that, still no changes....
  9. Hi, For some reason a strange thing resently stared to happen to my VW. I can?t "drag" 3D-objects with my cursor in plan wiew. The cursor just won?t grab them, so i?m forced to nudge objects accros the sceen witch takes a enoyingly long time to do! Someone know what to do? Kind reguards/
  10. Thanx Katie!! That totaly did it! Back on track...
  11. Hi... Im in a very ty situation. A few days ago my dongel broke, so i sent out for a new one and Nemetschek (bless them) sent me a new one with a new serial-number. The thing is that no matter how many times i re-install VW, it just can?t seem to find the dongel. I suspect that it?s some kind off a conflict with some kind off script by my old serial-number. I realy don?t have a clue! Please help me.... I Can?t work without a CAD-program... Bets Reguards/
  12. This is a nice site for symbols off all kind... http://www.cben.net./ Enjoy!
  13. We are about to take the step upp to OS Panther now. I?ve only have one question.... does it run smoothly with VW? Are the former bugs fixed? I don?t have time for troubbleshooting, so i realy need to know that it will work before i start! Does it? Best reguards/
  14. Hi my question is: When i do a hidden line/ convert and copy to line and all off those rendring-modes, rounded edges and the outsides off extruded cirkels turns black becouse off all the lines. Is there anyway to come aruond this? without cutting down TO much on the quality? Best reguards /
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