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  1. Thnx, I thought that this was not possible. We work a lot with RDP so maybe our IT guys can search for an solution through RDP. It is no problem with our Mac computers it is just the problem with the Windows computers. We work with ±30 representatives so i don't think they will buy 30 workstations with a lot of GPU. For me there's no problem now i can ask for a Macbook pro and do my plan proposals this way. 😀
  2. I redesigned my main symbol bib so the geometry is less complex. Now the 3D files are created in Nomad and the Cloud services website. Now the problem is that the GPU of most of the computers is only 450mb dedicated memory. The 3D file's aren't displayed or if they do it is very slow to navigate. Are there system requirements to see the Webview? Is there a possibility to upload the files to a server and that the viewing of the file's is generated through the GPU of the server and are there people who have already done this?
  3. Hi, I work for a big company in Belgium. I want to start to use Webview, at this point the server to upload the webview gets blocked. I am trying to convince the network specialist to open the connection. While this is happening is there another way to get my webview on the Vectorworks server?
  4. I have made a symbol and attached a record. In this record I have made a field where you can give a length and a drop down menu that has 4 options. Now I want to make a worksheet that gives me the sum of the length fields with the specific option selected in the drop down menu. Can anyone help me? Worksheet_&_records.vwx
  5. I will ask my local distributor. I think they have to learn some coding to get all my ideas realised . Thanks anyway i will keep you posted
  6. I have a list of implementations of shelfs. In the drop down you must be able to chose from this list. Is it possible to attach a spreadsheet or a .txt file? it just has to return the chosen string. I have attached the Vectorworks file. Implementation.vwx
  7. I am waiting for the 2016 version. It would be very helpful to have a 2016 version.
  8. I am just starting with marionette. Where can i find this dropdown node? Maybe a stupid question but i can't find it anywhere.
  9. Thanks for the very quick response, Can you send me the VW 2016 files, the dutch version of Vectorworks 2017 is not yet available. The result i want to achieve is not that easy to explain. In the store's we are designing we have to use big refrigerators. These refrigerators exist of diffrent modules, each module has its own tempature, sort of light and a number. I want to create a marionette tool where i can create a series of refrigerators each module in the series will have its own length, temperature indication and other features. I added a preview of what i want to accomplish. In the future i want to add a 3d view Refrigerators.vwx
  10. I'm having a problem with marionette. I want to make a series of rectangles. I should be able to first enter how many rectangles I want, then each rectangle should get a different length. Is this possible?
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