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  1. I am in the US, so I will have to contact them I suppose. I am trying to find another dwg to test with also, since I know it has happened on multiple occasions, not just with this one file.
  2. @Jeremy Best I believe it is hanging, where it must be force closed. I am running a test on it now, and will let it sit overnight if I have to just to be sure I waited long enough. Judging by the task manager information, no significant resource demands are present during the import. CPU usage stays at around 30%, bouncing the load equally around the 8 virtual cores. Memory consumption is always high, sitting at around 70% just having vectorworks open. It stays at about the same level while importing, and the same is true for virtual memory, there is no change comparing before and during. Disk usage also is very low, only 2-3% showing on my drive. It is an m.2 ssd, and performs very well, so that shouldn't be a bottleneck. It is sitting at the same point on this particular file, frozen at 191426 of 207304 objects converted while importing. I will report back when/if anything changes.
  3. I have had this same issue on 2 computers, both running windows 10 and vectorworks '19. When importing DWGs that are very large, like an entire cruise ship with all decks, or an entire major leage baseball stadium, vectorworks just freezes while importing, but does not give any errors to point to a cause. I had another person in our office with autocad open the files, and export them in smaller chunks, and then I was able to import those chunks all into the same VW file with no issue. So it doesn't seem to be any issue with the size of the vectorworks file, just with the amount of data being imported all at once. One of the machines is an i5 laptop, 8GB of Ram, and a low end discrete nvidia graphics card with 1GB of VRAM. The other machine is an i7 desktop with 24 GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX930 I believe, with 2GB VRAM. It has the same issues with the same DWG files, no error messages, just freezing on import. EDIT: for the record, I am aware that both of these machines are probably below the recommended spec for such large and detailed drawings, but that is not up to me, they are company machines, and we are typically only interested in small portions of the large drawings to add our production elements into.
  4. C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2018 I have also tried changing the path to something else on the C drive, creating the folder manually before installation, and trying a location on the D drive.
  5. I've attached the DXdiagnostic results, as well as a screenshot of the installer when the error appears. DxDiag.txt
  6. Trying to install 2018 now, but the installer tells me there is not enough disk space to install no matter what location I choose. I have 200GB free on my C drive and 1TB free on my D:\, but I get the same message on both. Anyone seen this issue before?


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