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  1. Hey Matt, I'm having the same issue as HEengineering - my photo imports rotated 90 degrees left. I've rotated the file on my computer but no matter what I do it rotated 90 degrees left. Any thoughts please? Thanks, Henry
  2. Cool. Thanks Markdd. I'll take it to photoshop. I was just hoping I had not found a VW tool that already existed.
  3. I have built an oval frame for a painting but the image I want to place into it is rectangular. Is there a way to crop an image prop? Thanks! PonyB
  4. Just tried it. It works nicely! Thanks very much!
  5. I've created elevations views on a Sheet Layer of a room that has a number of paintings on the wall. The paintings are built using image props. I'd like to render the elevations in Hidden Line but when I do, the image props are not visible not even as a shape or outline. Is there a setting I can adjust to make the image props visible. Thanks! Pony
  6. Thanks very much! I'll try reducing the window size. A related question please - Often when I'm in the edit path animator, the arched line connecting one saved view to another appears to be flat (see view 8 to view 9 below). When I raise one of the "beads" the line drops below the bottom edge of the graph. What does this mean? What did I do when saving view 8 (or view 9) to cause this? Thanks!
  7. Hi JimW, I just began attempting to create a move along path animation and am having the same difficulty Jonny31 describes. I am using a 5k iMac. Does this affect saving an .mov file somehow? Thanks! PonyB
  8. This is happening to me as well. Came here hoping for any assistance or insights. I've tried to create a move along path animation on three different files to see if perhaps the initial file I wanted to animate may have been corrupted somehow. But I get the same result on all three files - zero bytes.
  9. I have a 1-inch square tube I need to put a bend in (30 and 45). Would someone point in the right direction on how to? Thanks!
  10. Excellent! I do have Renderworks so I'm gonna start working on it. Thanks very much!
  11. I'm using VW2016 and I'd like to place an image on a cylinder - like a soup can. I'm sure it's easy if you know how, but I don't. Any help please?


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