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  1. Thanks very much! I'm beginning to work some stuff out. Thanks for putting on the right path! Best
  2. Fellow VW'ers, I cannot seem to find the answer to how to display dimensions in a 3d perspective viewport. I'm creating a small object and wanting to share with the client. Orthogonal top, side, face drawings would not be as legible to the client. Any help please? Thanks, Pony
  3. Hey Matt, I'm having the same issue as HEengineering - my photo imports rotated 90 degrees left. I've rotated the file on my computer but no matter what I do it rotated 90 degrees left. Any thoughts please? Thanks, Henry
  4. Cool. Thanks Markdd. I'll take it to photoshop. I was just hoping I had not found a VW tool that already existed.
  5. I have built an oval frame for a painting but the image I want to place into it is rectangular. Is there a way to crop an image prop? Thanks! PonyB
  6. Just tried it. It works nicely! Thanks very much!
  7. I've created elevations views on a Sheet Layer of a room that has a number of paintings on the wall. The paintings are built using image props. I'd like to render the elevations in Hidden Line but when I do, the image props are not visible not even as a shape or outline. Is there a setting I can adjust to make the image props visible. Thanks! Pony
  8. Thanks very much! I'll try reducing the window size. A related question please - Often when I'm in the edit path animator, the arched line connecting one saved view to another appears to be flat (see view 8 to view 9 below). When I raise one of the "beads" the line drops below the bottom edge of the graph. What does this mean? What did I do when saving view 8 (or view 9) to cause this? Thanks!
  9. Hi JimW, I just began attempting to create a move along path animation and am having the same difficulty Jonny31 describes. I am using a 5k iMac. Does this affect saving an .mov file somehow? Thanks! PonyB
  10. This is happening to me as well. Came here hoping for any assistance or insights. I've tried to create a move along path animation on three different files to see if perhaps the initial file I wanted to animate may have been corrupted somehow. But I get the same result on all three files - zero bytes.
  11. I have a 1-inch square tube I need to put a bend in (30 and 45). Would someone point in the right direction on how to? Thanks!
  12. Excellent! I do have Renderworks so I'm gonna start working on it. Thanks very much!
  13. I'm using VW2016 and I'd like to place an image on a cylinder - like a soup can. I'm sure it's easy if you know how, but I don't. Any help please?


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