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  1. I think you're both right. Interesting enough, I have another layer within the same file that's set to a different scale, and the dimensions seem to function alright on that layer only. I'll try and create a fresh 2017 file though. Cheers,
  2. This really bothers me; When I choose to lock an object or a group, I can still hold 'option' and click-drag to duplicate the locked object. That makes zero sense and has caused me problems more than once. Please remove this function or let me know a good reason why it is there. Aaron
  3. Well, I tried restarting a few times with no luck. I did notice that if I start a new document, and copy the content to the new drawing, it seems to work ok. So I'm thinking it's a visibility or toggle issue. All layer and class options look fine though.
  4. You're definitely not alone. I've been scratching my head about this for a few days now. I was really hoping that SP1 fixed the issues, but no dice.
  5. I've recently upgraded to VW2017 + SP1, and have run into a 'bug' selecting dimensions. I can select a dimension by clicking on the witness lines, but not the value or line under the value. It simple does nothing if I click on it. That even applies to using the match properties feature. I can match properties by selecting the witness lines of the dimensions, but not by selecting the actual dimension value. This also creates a problem trying to move the main line up and down, or move the text position. I seem to have lost all functionality. I can however, still manipulate the witness lines. Perhaps I've toggled something off without knowing. Help anyone? Aaron MAC OSX 10.11.6, Vectorworks 2017 SP1
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