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  1. You're right, I did not have "Reset on Rotate" on. And I see what you mean about not mirroring it when you mirror.
  2. Thanks for the script. I tried it and the mirrored PIO now flips if it is manually stretched or if the length is changed in the OIP so both ways have the same effect which is good. Unfortunately it is the opposite effect from what I'm looking for (I don't want it to flip) and it still doesn't seem to know if it has been manually stretched or stretched through the OIP. If you put a Rotate in an IsObjectFlipped IF THEN statement it will rotate when the length is changed in the OIP but not when it is manually stretched.
  3. I just tried the Batt Insulation tool and that is exactly the same issue. So, I guess if Nemetschek can't do it I am out of luck. Thanks for the input.
  4. I have a mirrored linear object PIO that is misbehaving. If I change its length in the object info palate it stretches as I would expect, but if I stretch it with the mouse it flips itself over. And if I add an IsObjectFlipped it only responds to that if altered in the object info palate not if stretched by the mouse. Is there some way of correcting the mirror? Thank you Fred Perkins
  5. I am trying to write a script that isolates 3d polygons by their surface area. Is there some function to get this info. HArea seems to only works with 2d polygons. Thanks Fred Perkins
  6. I've just run into this same problem. Is there any fix? Fred Perkins
  7. All you see with eps is a low res preview, so this is not a good solution if you want to interact with it. But, if it is a graphic or some such thing it is great because the preview redraws quickly and the print looks perfect.
  8. I upgraded an existing systems. I was going to try a clean istall next. This seems like such a major problem it's strange that there are not more people experiencing it.
  9. The cause of the problem seems to originate with the custom default template I was using. If I trash that and start from scratch it seems to fix the problem with new files. The old files that crash still crash, but at least I can start a new file.
  10. If you have acrobat, you can save it as an esp and import that into vectorworks. This will keep vector data as vectors so it will print much better. Fred Perkins
  11. I tried moving the folder out of the Application folder but it unfortunatly didn't work. I'll give the fonts a look. Thanks for the suggestions. Fred Perkins
  12. No luck with fonts. I removed all fonts except for system font but still the same problem. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  13. I'm having a curious problem with the page setup in tiger (10.4.1). When I create a new file, Vectorworks will crash when I go to page setup. This happens every time which basically means that I can't print anything. The same thing happens with some old files, but not all. This happens in version 10 and version 11.5 and on three different computers (2.7 G5s). I have purged out all of the printers and just added one but still the same problem. And yes, I have repaired my permissions. Any one else having this problem? Any solutions? Fred Perkins
  14. This problem has been popping up more often lately. We will get thirty or so DWGs from consultants, and a few of them will have the critical openDWG error problem (import fails with the error message "critical openDWG error" and the program quits). This happens with both 10.5 and 11. There was some earlier discussion of this on the tech board but no solutions. Other than have them convert to DXF, is there anything I can do or that I can tell the consultants to do? We are using Macs with OS 10.3. Fred Perkins
  15. This problem is sprouting up in a couple files, so any infomation you could give me about the cause would be greatly appreciated. I figure it has something to do with symbol corruption or symbol nesting, but I can not find the exact trigger.
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