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  1. My Partner uses VW 10 and is wondering how to create dimensions outside the dimensions class. I have VW 11 where you have that option in the document preferences tab to choose (create in dimension class). But is there a way to do this in VW 10 without changing each individual dimensions class manually?
  2. I'm currently using VW 11 on a PC. I was wondering if there is way to create one file with multiple pages of drawings. I know there is something you can do with saved views but i'm not quite sure how to set that up for what I need. Thanks, Joe
  3. I'm Trying to figure out how to make dimensions on my drawings a different color upon creation. Is there a way to do this? Or do I have to change the color every time I use the dimension tool.
  4. I'm using vectorworks 11.5 and trying to create mutliple plates for one design. I thought it had something to do with saving sheets but I can't find any command to do so.Anybody know how to do this? Rather then having 10 different documents for one project. Thanks, Joe
  5. I'm using Vectorworks 10.5 and have some pdf files that I would like use as templates on VW. What is the easiest way to do this? I tried to save the pdf's as jpeg's and then import them but that wasn't to effective. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  6. I'm using Vectorworks 10.5, on Win XP, with adobe acrobat pro 7. When I try to print to Pdf everything translates except the text. does anyone know what's going on?
  7. Travis, I'm using Windows xp, Vectorworks 10.5 I'm not exactly sure which method of creating a pdf I'm using. I have acrobat 7. When I choose file/print I choose acrobat as my printing source. This creates a PDF but none of the text appears. Thanks, Joe [ 03-25-2005, 07:23 PM: Message edited by: surreal73 ]
  8. Everytime I try to print into a PDF file the text never shows up. Does anyone know why that is and how to remedy it. Thanks, Joe


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