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  1. prefix, suffix or search a particular string and replace it...
  2. We organize our libraries in the same system (SfB) as our classes (and other construction documents). To keep things organized after importing standard library resources or resources from other files/parties we have to rename them. I was making some changes to the classification system so I needed to change a lot of resource names..
  3. Hi Marissa, Thanks for the help, works great! Still being a Marionette noob I was wondering where I would have to insert the "Get Type" node in order to allow me to select a certain type of resource to be renamed? Preferably with a drop down list in the oip. I already got the old and new strings to display there..
  4. Hi, Does anyone have a script that allows me to change the name of multiple resources (symbols, walls styles, hatches etc.) at once? Preferably a search and replace kind of thing that works for all types of resources. Alternatively something that does this for one type of resource at a time. I have found similar scripts for renaming or pre/suffixing class names... thanks in advance.
  5. Okay even better :) Exactly what I needed, thanks Kevin!
  6. Ah, great! Didn't think of that. Thanks! What's the best way to model that solid correctly? Did this one with subdivision..
  7. I'm looking for a way to model an opening in a wall as shown on the attached picture. Also attached my first attempts, any help would be very welcome.. afgeschuinde muuropening.vwx
  8. I already have a script that creates classes form worksheets but no way to get the Acad classes (with properties) in a worksheet. I managed to solve the problem by importing the .dwg in VW 2015. As Nina mentioned VW stopped importing empty classes somewhere between VW 2015 and 2018. Would be nice to have this as an option when importing instead of just deleting the functionality
  9. Does anybody have any advice for the following problem? 1. We received an Autocad template (.dwt) containing a layer system used by the client (we have to use the same system) 2. When we import the .dwg (saved from the .dwt) in Vectorworks it only brings in the layers (VW classes) which contain objects. The .dwt template doesn't contain any objects so no classes in Vectorworks 3. Possible solutions would be: - manually draw an object in each of the +300 layers in autocad and then import in VW - some kind of autocad script that does the above - a magic VW trick or script? thanks
    I get an error (see screenshot) when trying to run the script.. any help??
  10. wow great! Thanks for the effort!
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a way to create classes from a worksheet. We have an extensive program for a large hospital project. We've created a list of classes we would like to use to structure that program in VW. The list is currently in excel but could easily be pasted in a VW worksheet were a script could pick it up and generate classes with the names from the worksheet. Unfortunately I'm not able to script this myself. I've attached the VW worksheet. any ideas?
  12. Hi Josh, Thanks for the answer. I'm new to scripting so can you lead me a little further? Where do I have to adapt the script to work with the following scenario? a symbolfolder called 'test' which has several symbols in it starting with '00' (00-symbolname). These would have to be changed to '01' (01-symbolname) Do I run this script directly from the resource browser?
  13. Does anybody have a script that would allow me to rename multiple symbols? I have some library folders where every symbol carries an old prefix that I would like to change at once. I've allready found some similar scripts for class renaming. thanks in advance. Tom
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