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  1. Totally agree @DianaK ! We need to be able to disable the object checkout feature. Not useful. And it really doesn't work well! Everyone project sharing should be forced to check out design layers or sheets only. Please make this feature for us collaborative folks.
  2. Hello All - I am having the same issue today as @Ewaryst. Has any solution been offered? Thanks!
  3. @Marissa Farrell I too am experiencing slow text editing! Any updates?
  4. All my details include the break-lines using the break-line tool drawn on the annotation layer. The issue I am having is that the size and/or scale of the break width and height will change on the page, without any notice or any indication of a cause. Often all the instances of break lines on a single page within multiple details(viewports) will all automatically reduce their size at the same time. They look very small on the page. They export to PDF very small as well. They always appear after navigating between sheets and I've never seen them change while the sheet is selected. I will have navigated back to a detail sheet and then notice that all the break-lines will have changed their size. When I go to open the annotation layer of a detail and select a single break-line instance, the break-line object info palette appears to have all the correct settings - yet it remains very small and no object data has been changed. I have to manually fix all the break-lines by changing their length and then the break-line size will be restored. This will occur randomly without my knowledge after any duration of time. This issue has occurred for me since VW2015 or even earlier. Do you have any guidance to fix this issue?
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