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  1. Hi I made a pattern with the tiles tool and I want to export it to a 3D program as separate shapes. Is it possible?
  2. Hi, is there a way to export dwg file from Vectorworks with jpg files inside the dwg file? For example, when I export a drawing I want to keep the jpg logo inside the dwg, not separately:
  3. Hi, I have a problem with the hatch scale after I export my drawing to dwg, the scale just doesn't match up with the one that I set in Vectorworks. Below I've set 3 different hatches with different scales, and none of them is displayed correctly in AutoCAD viewer. Does anyone have an idea what is the problem? Cheers Vectorwroks: Autocad s
  4. Hi Hi I have a problem with .vwx files preview in windows, some files are visible and some are not, like here: And it doesn't matter with which version of VW they are saved, in previewed example you can files from 2008, 2011, 2013 or 2018 version. What could be the problem?
  5. Thanks! Those advices helped a lot. Only problem is with this part: editing this symbol is impossible, I can enter the edit symbol window and delete part of the drawing but when I want to exit VW crashes. Referring to the symbol size problem, most of the times I don't have any influence on how the DWG is saved and I just have to work on what is send to me.
  6. Those elements that you talk about are classes (interior architecture design) that are above the 2d symbol which is the building construction: that's how they look when I turn off the 2d symbol: And when I open the edit symbol window, the drawing gets bigger:
  7. Basically it is impossible for me to work with VW on large scale projects. For example, I have to import a dwg file (size around 8mb) with a whole section of an office building, in import options I set to transform all 3d objects to 2d for smaller file size, than I use purge option and still I get vw file size around 80mb. Then the glitches... all the time, especially when I want to edit components - often a large part of the building is sat as one component like here: Zooming, moving, etc. inside the edit window it's a nightmare. Closing such a component takes a few minutes or sometimes never happens. It's not the matter of hardware, CPU runs on 15% and memory on 50%. I start to believe that actually, it's impossible to work with current vw when it comes to complex DWG files. Am I right or is there a way to solve that problem? I work on updated 2018 vw. Cheers
  8. Thank you for your comprehensive response.
  9. Hi I have a problem with edgy curves and polylines after exporting to dwg, Polyline in VW Polyline after dwg export, opened in other program Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Cheers
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