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  1. Hi Scott, thanks for the reply. We have a favorite file for our rigging & truss symbols. The informations don't come to the working file, when I take them from the favorite file (from the library). If this will work it would be fine. We're about 60 people working with Vectorworks, so a simple workaround is necessary. Open the favorite file and copy&paste is not an option. With this I can work.
  2. Hi, i just started to work with Vectorworks 2024 (German Edition), to figure out the new functions and to update our company custom symbol libraries. My intention was to add virtual parts to some of our symbol e.g. "Eurortruss Pin" for all the Trusses, so the pins are included in the Count. The problem is, the information for the virtual parts are not saved in the symbols. Is there a way to save these informations direct in den symbol definition? The next problem is, when I create the virtual part, an insert another Truss Type for example Slick/CAMCO Truss, the same Virtual Part is shown in the symbol. For Slick Trusses i need another typ of Pins, so I don't want to show the EURO Pin. What's the solution for that? Best regards, Leppi
  3. Hi guys, i spend some to time to test and improve some workflows in our company. When I tried the Speaker Array Tool with the Hoists Tool, i got some problems. If I connect one hoist to a bumper, Braceworks is not able to calculate. It tells me, that the hoist is not connected. If I change to two hoists, i can connect 2 hoists and Braceworks is able to calculate. Another problem is, that Vectorworks adds a weight for the whole Array of 50kg. I don't know why, because there is a load for the 4 Speakers and a load for the Bumper. The 50kg are in the Group Truss. Any ideas? Best regards, Leppi
  4. Thanks for your reply. The solution was to enable this function. It's part of the "Insert Truss Tool"
  5. Problem Solved - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hey guys, I have a problem withe VWX 2021 SP 3.1.1 R1 German Edition. All my Truss symbols from my library are inserted in the activated class. They all have a specific class. If I go the option for the symbol settings, i see the right class, but if I insert the symbols they always were sent to the activated class. Best regards, Sebastian
  6. Hi, yesterday we recognised a big problem within Vectorworks. We're using the German Version with SP2.1.1 R1 (build 523565). We had a pipe attached on a truss witth cantilever to both side. There were single point loads on the pipe about 20cm away from the truss and we get the message that the load can not be attached to two strucural elements. I did a test with Symbols from the library, so not using ours. As you can see the single point load is not at the truss, and I don't get a warning that the load is not attached. It is also included in the calculation. When i change the Trim hight of the system, loads height also will change. Anyone else got this problem? Best regards from Berlin, Germany Sebastian
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