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  1. Good point. Of course, this puts the onus WHOLLY on the fidelity and accuracy of the internal translator... which still supposedly has a few problems...
  2. Betas are not official releases, so I agree that the developers aren't under any obligation to support them. However... 9.5.0b5/7 (and maybe others) are PUBLICLY-released betas. I'm assuming they are released as such for a reason. I had thought that this reason was so the developers can get discussion-style feedback on the product. If the ONLY feedback they receive is in the form of bug reports, it becomes easy to lose track of 'the big picture', i.e. the product as a whole. If one does not want to see 8.x/9.0 calls for help muddled in with discussion of problems in a beta, perhaps a separate discussion area should be set up. In essence, those of us trying out the latest beta are providing a free, informal bug-testing service, nicht wahr? The advantage of public beta testers is that the product undergoes more diverse testing, regardless of whether or not the corresponding fixes will/can be implemented before release.
  3. Um... by 'clip', I mean the 'Clip' too... I'll do some time testing anyway.
  4. What if the res is set to 'very high', and I'm clipping LINES, in a drawing that has no more than a few hundred lines, and perhaps a couple dozen arcs? VWbeta7 running on G3 @ 350MHz
  5. Does anybody know of a quick way to do a zero-radius fillet (aka 'join') between two lines, when I want to keep the short part of one or both lines, instead of the long part? Currently, the join menu command will intersect two selected lines, and cut off the shorter portion of any line that needs to be trimmed. How difficult would it be to give the 'fillet' tool the ability to do a zero radius?
  6. Yes, I know about layer stacking. I'm referring to the stacking order of two objects, both in the same layer, but not the current layer. I can't change their stacking order unless I switch the current layer to the layer of those objects, in which case the 'bring to front/back' works fine.
  7. Um... I was talking about the trim _tool_, not the menu command. In 852, I never used the trim tool because of the problem noted above. I always used the menu command. Unless I've been smoking weed, 901 had removed the menu command trim. After your comment, I checked the wspace editor and found, much to my delight, that the command is again here, perhaps after returning in 9.5. Even though the cmd-t requires a selection to work, it works on walls -- unlike the trim tool (contrary to what 901's manual says).
  8. Is the inability to modify the stacking order of objects on layers other than the current one a safeguard? It would be nice to be able to modify that order without constantly changing the current layer.
  9. Both our laser printer and our plotter interpret the first row of patterns -- and a few others in the pattern palette -- as grey tones. Definitely, the other patterns show horribly since they are tiled raster patterns. Nonetheless, the first row doesn't print the way it appears on screen. I don't know why, but it works to our advantage. I agree that a greyscale print option would be very helpful to our designers.
  10. 9.5.0b7 Is there any way to specify the 'cutting' edges when using the trim tool? Currently, the tool behaves as though all objects in the drawing have been selected as being cutting edges.
  11. 9.5.0b7 Is it my imagination, or is the clip tool now slower than most other tools? Is the introduction of floating point math responsible for this tremendous slow-down? With 901, 950b5, and 9507, splitting two lines 'By Line' causes to VW to hang (or is creating a 45+ sec. delay). I've had it work in the past (901, I think it was), but it doesn't seem to work now...
  12. 950b7 still doesn't seem to paste correctly from 852. Has the translation of 8.x files to 9.x been fixed? I remember there being some discussion of problems with it.
  13. Things appear differently after being pasted. Two examples are text and polylines. I'll try 9.5.0b7...
  14. Thank you for the reply, but that really doesn't help me. If I use a total of 9 thicknesses, I'm constantly changing the att default thicknesses when I need to do custom selection. As for selecting hatches, I don't see why the same logic that governs the obj info fill type field can't be used in custom selection.
  15. For some apps, the current setup works better. I don't know if VW is one of those apps, but... The reasoning behind the setup now is that whether you're opening/saving/opening/saving for a single project, or you're importing (literal or otherwise) a number of drawings from one place and putting the results somewhere else, you're covered. However, if you're hopping from one project to another, it does get annoying. I feel your pain.
  16. Shouldn't 9.5.x, beta though it is, contain all the fixes that 9.0.1 has? Is it built on the 9.0.1 release code, or was 9.5 development begun before 9.0.1 went gold? One example: distance measurement tool works okay in 9.0.1, but serves as an excellent random number generator in 9.5.0b5. Two endpoints, exactly 3" apart. Click on first endpoint, then hover around the second endpoint, as the pointer snaps on and off of it. You may get 2 7/8", maybe 3 1/8", or even 3", depending on how you approach the second point. Display is set to 1/64"; this is a fresh drawing.
  17. We work the same way. Greyed walls are done by applying a toning pattern (one of the ones in the first row) using black and white. That should do it. In fact, it's part of our office standards.
  18. Is there a way to do a custom selection of items that have a fill type of 'hatch', or of items whose lineweight is not one of the 5 preset (i.e. is there a way to pick 'Set thickness')?
  19. I don't have the answer for question 2, but for 1 and 3... The user origins for the layers are not independent. As far as I can tell, the user origin for each layer -- regardless of scale -- is a certain 'distance' -- the same distance in each case -- from the 'immovable centre of the world'. 'Distance' as used here is measured in units; since that same distance at different scales appears differently, the user origin will APPEAR in different locations on the page. Setting the user origin in one layer affects the user origin of the other layers.
  20. Setting the USER origin in a layer of a certain scale affects the position of the user origin in other layers of different scales. Why are those origins not independent. The linking means that it is impossible -- well, impractical and unfeasible, technically -- to xre-... sorry, 'workgroup reference' in drawings at different scales. A VW rep who was by a while ago, after hearing how our office used w-referencing, said that it wasn't what the programmers have been designing towards, so I don't know how many other users encounter such a problem.
  21. As a simple base plan, referenced into other drawings. In those other drawings, items are added in local layers, depending on what that sheet's purpose is. Only one person works on the base plan; changes to the plan are reported to that person who then informs whichever people need to know. Those people modify the information on their drawings to suit the change. The plan is referenced, so the change to it need be made only once. Since other sheets' information are on separate drawings, several people are making the necessary adjustments at the same time. Since only one person makes changes to the plan, per se, there is a controlled flow of information and nobody is stepping over anybody else's toes. The rep said that base plans held all the information -- in some cases elevation information also -- and that different people work on different parts of the building. Does that answer your question?
  22. VW9 has the same relationship between the origins of the layers, though the page outline is now independent of the imaginary point which used to be the page outline's centre -- the point which the layers use as a reference.
  23. As far as I can tell in 9.0.1, the order is maintained, using both shortcuts and the menu items. However, that's only in my current session. Ask me again tomorrow and the answer MAY be different.
  24. Same here. In fact, sometimes stretching objects shows unconstrained stretching yet actually results in a correct stretch. Odd.


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