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  1. reverb

    Print Window = VW crash

    Yes, we are using OS X 10.4.11. We purchased refurbished Imac's with the older operating system.
  2. reverb

    Print Window = VW crash

    unfortunately clear print settings does not work - I hope it is not an intel processor vs. print driver issue.
  3. Our office recently upgraded to 24" Imac's running OS X 10.4.11 and we are having problems printing to our DesignJet 500. When selecting the DesignJet 500 in the print dialog window VW will crash. If we print to a different printer there is no problem and if we print from an older mac (Powermac G4) the file(s) print fine. This problem is consistent on the three new Imac's. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Is there a way to set the defaults so that when VW opens the pick-up wall thickness option is deselected.
  5. reverb

    VW12 page setup crash

    try this script download. (it solved my problem - but I am on VW11) http://kbase.nemetschek.net/index.php?ToDo=view&questId=72&catId=19 There is a downloadable VectorScript that you can run on your file to clear the print settings
  6. reverb

    page setup crashes

    It worked - Thanks for the info.
  7. reverb

    page setup crashes

    I have recently upgraded to mac system 10.4 and am experiencing crashes when I choose page setup. I am using VW 11.5. Seems to happen to 75% of documents. If I create a new document it will not crash when I select page setup Any ideas what may be causing this?
  8. reverb

    Sketch tool

    The help menu in 11.5 indicates the sketch tool is available under the view pull down menu, yet it does not appear. Where do I find the sketch tool?
  9. reverb

    North Arrow

    The North arrow tool in the Architect palette can't be selected. Was a problem in 11 and still a problem in 11.5. Anybody?
  10. At the very least please implement Item #1. This request has been on the wish list many times starting from when VW9 was released - yet no change. It's very annoying to edit multiple sheets.
  11. reverb

    Open GL Rendering & Paning

    Why was this bug never fixed in VW 9.5.3? It was not a problem in VW 9.5.0 - It seems that the bug first occured in VW 9.5.2. Now users must upgrade their operating system in order to rectify the problem. Is this correct?
  12. reverb

    Importing autocad 3d

    I am trying to import an autocad 3d file without luck. I have imported 2d files no problem in the past. In this case the dwg document opens without any info/objects - it's completely blank. I am using VectorWorks 9.5.2 on Mac. The autocad file is version 2000. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. reverb


    I have noticed this problem as well - very time consuming to fix drawing and very annoying.
  14. reverb

    Plotter Choices

    One option is the HP 500 (not the Postscipt model). I think it is the lowest priced HP color plotteravailable (around $2200) - you will need the optional HP-GL/2 Card ($375) and you will have to purchase a plotter driver (From Microspot, $400).If you plan on printing color plots at a resolution higher than 300 DPI you will need to purchase additional memory for the plotter. If your willing to limit yourself to monochrome plots the HP 430 is an option ($1300). It includes the HP-GL/2 Language, but you will probably wantto purchase additional memory.
  15. I think it would be quite useful if one could use the eye dropper tool to pick up and put down the size, font and style of a string of text. Anyone?


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