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  1. Hi, MacOs X.3 is now Officly out, and i just heard from our support in Benelux that it will take ? 3 months until the problom will be fixed .... !!!! I think that is really stuppid, the system is anaounced in June so the problem should be detected earlyer ... Hope it will be fixed soon(er)
  2. hello,we use VW 8.5.2 and a script to print layers, but if you want to print more layers you must hit the enter key for every layer. Is there a way to disable that whitout thirt party software ??this is the script we use :procedure printlayers;var i,j : Integer; myH : Handle; aStr : String; begin i := 0; DoMenuText('Active only'); myH := FLayer; while myH <> NIL do begin i := i + 1; aStr := GetLName(myH); Layer(aStr); Redraw; DoMenuText('Print?'); myH := NextLayer(myH); end;end; Run(printlayers); Thanks..
  3. that is tru, but the software decide how the layers are printed. So if you change the print commando inside VW to ask if you want tot print all layers and than hit once the print button. Or is this thinking to simple ?? Thnks for the reply.
  4. Hello, we use Mac's white VW 8.5.2. when we want to print layers we have a script but it alway's ask's to enter. If you have 5 layers this is no problem but white 25 layers we have to lock the enter key to make it work. Is the a other way to do this.


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