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  1. As of 2016, 9 years since your question.... NO!
  2. By copying and pasting the model into another file, this solved the problem. There was some sort of a glitch in the file.
  3. Imported a Revit .dwg to edit at 1"=1'-0" scale. Had to adjust the size of the model to one known dimension because it was not 1"=1'-0" and perhaps not originally drawn to scale (by others). Once model and height matched, adding new content, for example the extrusion height of flat plane of 1/2", automatically adjusts to some arbitrary height in feet rather than inches. ON another attempt, 6" input becomes 6'! I've never seen this before. Any ideas?
  4. Related question, I am using side by side dimensions with feet & inches and [mm]. In the OIP, the settings are identical for each dim, though only one of many dimensions are actually showing the dual dimensions and after an hour of effort, and the loss of more than a few hairs. It it possible the custom dim was selected when I created it and therefore the only one that can be changed? Can the custom dim become corrupt? If so why is one working and the others not? It is not my drawing. It's an import from an autocad drawing. I changed one dim, placed it on the dim class rather than the '00- STRAMIEN nummering' class, and then relocated all of the dims to the dimension class. Is the custom dimension somehow tied to the original class? This is a very simple issue that is taking far too long.... Thanks SOLUTION: Redraw the dimensions. ALL of THEM! They are dims and not grouped lines, but they apparently speak Dutch rather than English! Shall I bill the client? Interesting question..... More often than not the original drawings are woefully inadequate.
  5. The VectorBits Web site is being updated. Currently the Toggle Preferences tool you are referring to is not listen. I sent Manuel a question asking about it because it has become a staple in my VW use. Command comma is useful but the pull down list is far simpler and more practical. I do wish VW would take a cue from Vectorbits and OzCAD and add some of the features of their great plug-ins. OzCAD's WINDOOR is bundled with VW in Australia only. Vectorbits is now charging for all updates. 100 Euros for all of them.
  6. But the Thread from the german forum you translated one Post said that, all VW Versions that work under OS X Yosemite, may need a new dongle driver after OS update. And, as someone was able to run VW 2012 with that new dongle driver had to realize that he couldn't print - because VW 2012 will not run on 10.10 and is not recommended > 10.8 Further, v2012-E runs perfectly on 10.9.5. Apple is saying that v2012-E will therefore run on 10.10. User feedback seems to be the only solution. If I had a second machine I would do it myself.
  7. I have version E that does not require a Dongle. If the dongle is the only issue than I ought to be able to upgrade without a hitch.
  8. This is from Apple itself.... "Perhaps the only reasons not to update to Yosemite would be due to compatibility reasons with some particular app (though if it runs in Mavericks, it will run in Yosemite)...." http://osxdaily.com/2014/10/13/prepare-mac-for-os-x-yosemite-update/ Nemetsheck? JG
  9. This is a post from a German Web site translated using Google Translate. "Hi, Vectorworks 2012 unfortunately was not released more Mavericks (10.9.x). You probably have up-dated from 10.8.x ?! I'm afraid that you still get other difficulties with Yosemite and the 2012 version. For this reason, I would strongly advise against the combination. About the compatibilities of the different VW versions and operating systems... Advance information here: http://www.computerworks.de/?id=2542" The link states that the incompatibilities with version 2012 are mostly with the DONGLE version where the computer is used as a Dongle Server. If this is the only issue, I hope Nemetsheck can report back that the rest is working well. JG
  10. According to that link Jim vW 2103 works 'GREAT'. If I had a second machine I would test things that way but I don't. May I suggest that anyone with a laptop run a few tests as I assume that is not your primary machine for drawing. Alternately, Jim, I will provide my address and you can send me a laptop and I will test version 2012 free of charge! JG
  11. Jim, this is a $2,500.00 decision for some of us... It is reasonable that users rely on Nemetsheck for specific, initial results I trust you agree. I understand you do not want to make promises or guesses but simply state the parameters of a double-blind test using VW + OSX 10.10 installs only. If there are any other conflicts beyond this, it's on the user to sort it out. The Mac OS is the stable component that does not vary from installation to installation. It makes zero sense that 30% of users would experience conflicts unless it is caused by third party software. I for one am asking about OSX ONLY and perhaps any other glaring exceptions that might be apparent. For example, VW 2012 crashes with every Copy/Paste action when iClipboard is 'recording'. I am in agreement with Architetto if Nemetsheck is gonna make a sweeping general statement based on the lowest common denominator. VW 2012 works perfectly with OSX 10.9.5, that's a compliment btw, and there is a wide array of third party software also installed.
  12. I am using version 2012 E, that does not require a dongle and the same question applies. I found this Nemetsheck article that covers vaguely, issues related to the release of Mavericks. I trust this will be updated shortly. A free update from Apple but a very expensive update from VW and other softwares is a massive catch-22 in this not yet recovered economy...if required. http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1192/OS+X+10.9+Mavericks+compatibility+with+Vectorworks A related article presents a grid of compatibilities which indicates that 2012 DOES NOT WORK with 10.9 (Mavericks) when in fact it does work. The article is dated August 2014. http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1261/Vectorworks+Operating+System+Compatibility+List+2014-8-27 VW 2012 works very well with OSX 10.9.5! Regards, John
  13. I just solved my own problem. I recently installed iClipboard which is a spectacular add on but it crashes VW...
  14. Copying, nothing else. Just Command C. Carried on after the computer was rebooted as well. OS X 10.9.1 16 MB Ram Mac Mini - 1 Tb
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