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  1. Has there been a fix for this? I'm experiencing the same thing and it's incredibly frustrating considering the time it takes to render a viewport.
  2. adding textures to windows and doors by assigning classes to those components doesn't allow for texture scaling/rotation etc... has anyone figured out a work around for this?
  3. Thanks for your response. I don't know what you mean by Oriel Walls but this is also a film set so built a little differently (if that's what is confusing you) But the reason behind the opening and window combo is that there is a "bench" below the window at a lower height than the window proper. it's the only way I could think of combining to get this effect. This same thing occurs with an opening in a wall (which I have between two rooms) Turning the sill class off doesn't seem to change the appearance.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off the lines that show up in a horizontal section cut if there is an "opening" in the wall? These lines make it appear as though there is a window which isn't the case. I've tried setting all window components to a class that is turned off but this hasn't worked. This is an opening... there should not be any lines appearing in plan! attached is a screenshot of what I'm referring to.
  5. I have reset my settings and I'm still not getting a prompt to use the selected crop object for my viewport. Is there an update on this issue? Thanks
  6. Is ambient occlusion turned on in your viewport lighting options? I find that makes the difference between a flat OpenGL render and one that has a lot more depth.
  7. Is there a way to reset the origin of an object (ie. extrude) that has been mirrored from its original orientation so that when you edit the object it remains editable relative to the rest of the model?
  8. I think I've figured it out. a little finicky but I'll get the hang of it. Thank you!
  9. is this when grabbing an object to move? I see it locking the axis but the object doesn't want to move... EDIT: Ok so I've messed with a few of my shortcut keys (can anyone advise which tool/key I should be searching for to reset it??
  10. Is there any way to snap to a specific axis when manipulating objects in 3d similar to the feature offered in Sketchup? If not is there a way to WishList this request? It would make moving objects in 3d space SO much more streamlined.
  11. @Kazemester Thank you for the suggestion... I definitely think this is a good workaround and has been working much better. However I'm still unclear as to how to rendering something so that it actually "glows". For example, if you have a bare lightbulb... can you only achieve the glow if you transmit through a glass material? Thanks
  12. I'm having some issues generating area lights to that the whole object renders as a light and I'm hoping someone can shed some light on what might be occurring? I've attached an image of an object (profile with a 360 sweep) to be used as a string light but when I convert to area, it's very faceted. Is there a key to creating an area light that I'm missing? Thanks!
  13. When using hidden line rendering mode, orbit tool does not appear to "stick" - continues to snap back to either plan or elevation view. Is this a bug?
  14. Lately, when I select the Viewport option to "edit a section in place", none of the objects appear. They can be selected but visually don't appear. Restart and recutting sections doesn't seem to fix the issue. Thoughts?
  15. Thank you! I'll try the Rhino work around. Simplify mesh never seems to really do much to be that helpful!
  16. Does this work in Reverse??? I find export 3ds to Sketchup from VW works quite well, but importing SU into VW is a nightmare of meshes??? Is there a way to merge meshes in VW?
  17. Similar, yes! It's very tedious especially when redrawing hundreds of lines and geometries is an equal if not lesser effort.
  18. I want to simultaneously connect multiple lines that aren't already connected. Say I have a casing profile that got dissected by an object that got deleted leaving me with lines that have a section missing... (see attached screenshot). To my knowledge, the connect lines tool still requires you to click on each individual line to bridge the gap.
  19. oh that works quite well to joining a bunch of connected facets into a single line! Thank you! Any thoughts on my other request?
  20. Is there still no way to do this? Currently I'm only aware that using the connect line tool requires you to click on each individual line to connect to either a perpendicular or parallel line. Also, has there been any discussion about a tool that automatically creates a line from multiple facets? Like a "compose" tool but on a greater scale?
  21. Can anyone shed any light on what might be happening here? I've cut and recut this section multiple times (moving it slightly), have checked design layers for offending objects and have attempted to edit/delete using edit section in place. Section in place shows properly and then when I exit I get a solid object seemingly from nowhere. Can anyone help???? UPDATE: Turning each layer on individually in the viewport (to try and identify the offending layer) results in the section rendering properly for that floor. It's only when all layers are turned on at the same time that the issue arises.
  22. Thanks Juan, I'm familiar with this as a possible fix in 2019 (as I encountered that as well) however I can't get the file to the point where I'm able to undock the OIP as the program freezes and I'm forced to restart. I've sent a file to tech support and am waiting to see what they say. As I've mentioned in other posts, a lot of the issues seem to occur if there is anything in the file from 3D warehouse. Might be a good place to start looking at potential issues with software overlap. Thanks, @JuanP
  23. I just updated my version from 2019 to 2020 and I'm finding that even the smallest task (ie. selecting and moving an object) is causing the program to freeze requiring a force quit. I've updated to the most recent SP, am running Mojave on brand new 2019 machine with 16GB of Ram and a 4GB gfx card. This doesn't seem right to me... Anyone?
  24. I'm not sure what you mean. I'm not referring to editing rectangle dimensions. I'm frustrated because VW doesn't apply interface scaling appropriately when displaying on an external 4K monitor. I'm running a 2019 macbook pro with a 2880x1800 retina display. My 1920x1080p was very poor resolution in openGL with very high quality setting and edges turned on (edges were so blurry that the object geometry couldn't even be read). I bought a brand new 4K monitor which solves the resolution issue but the default size display for the system interface (text and tools etc) is unworkably small. Changing the UI settings on my mac to 125% or 150% also doesn't work (not to mention that it makes my macbook screen unusable).
  25. Are you kidding? So VW looks like absolute garbage on any monitor that isn't 4K (specifically open GL, which is so poor on 1080p it almost REQUIRES a 4K monitor purchase...) and now I'm stuck with .00004pt font that I can't read???? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!
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