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  1. Thanks @Jeff Prince but unfortunately my file and all of the content within IS what is protected. Removing objects so that it's unrecognizable more often then not "fixes" the problem... not a helpful fix cause it means deleting my work! I know it's frustrating. I run into this NDA issue a lot. I'm running 2020 on MacOS 10.15.7 with. AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT graphics card 8GB of VRAM.
  2. I'm afraid my files are protected by an NDA so I can't post this specific file. Trying to "recreate" the issue with a new test file never yields the same results. @line-weight come to think of it, you might be right in that it happens more frequently if I navigate back and forth from sheet to model space using the "edit design layer" in the drop down... Close and re-open seems to fix it but yes... it's very frustrating.
  3. @JoeTomp did you ever find a solution to this? it's driving me crazy... @Jeff Prince I have no objects that are far away from the origin @Pat Stanford I'm not sure how to do this...? thanks
  4. Hello all, I'm using the built in cabinet tool to create a VERY simple upper corner cabinet with an uneven end. (cabinet is 3'-0" with a 2'-0" uneven side). Doors are flush mount with a 1" reveal around. For some reason, I'm ending up with a gap - as though the door is 3/4" too narrow. Anyone else run into this? attaching a test file. Thanks Corner Cabinet Test.vwx
  5. Thanks Jeff, sorry I'm just getting around to trying this. I only see the "Save viewport cache" option in my preferences and this is already turned off. Pat: that file that you sent through was still not working properly on my end... Still having the issue.
  6. Thanks Pat. I'm on VW2020 - MacOS Catalina. This file was initially created from a VW2023 down-saved floor plan, but there was only 2d lines - no 3d components.
  7. Thanks Jeff, I think that you're probably right about it being a corrupt file... or something that didn't regenerate properly when I opened the file again after the crash. I've attempted in the past to adjust a file that was acting up to try and send through for others like yourself to take a look at but in doing so it usually "solves" the issue (probably deletes whatever was causing the issue in the first place). I think that I've been able to remove enough "identifiable" information to send through a file. Pls see attached. Thanks! VW - Test File.vwx
  8. What I can share is a screen grab of my current model when attempting to view in model space in OpenGL. Clearly something corrupt happening.
  9. thanks Jeff, unfortunately the set itself is protected by the NDA so I'm unable to send through any files. 😣 Pls let me know if you have any other thoughts or things I might try. I really appreciate it!
  10. Ugh... is always where I get tripped up unfortunately as I work as a set designer so my work is NDA. Any attempt to recreate the problem in a generic file never produces the same issues! I have tried multiple different render modes and they all produce a blank viewport. Hidden line seems to be the only one that works.
  11. I've also tried cutting new section viewports and starting over with no luck there either.
  12. Thanks for your reply, Pat. I do have draw edges checked, yes. I actually have not changed my settings in the viewport from when it WAS working prior to quitting unexpectedly. I've also tried switching back and forth from multiple rendering modes (both in viewport and in model space). Any other thoughts?
  13. I'm having an issue with section viewports that were rendering fine until my program suddenly force quit. Now the viewports are appearing as white or blank in OpenGL. Elevations appear in hidden line. Edit section in place takes me to a blank model space although I can hover over objects so I know they're there (normally my model space background is grey - now it's stark white). Attached are some images to help describe what I'm experiencing. VW 2020 on 2020 iMac (pimped out) running Catalina. Hidden Line OpenGL
  14. Has there been a fix for this? I'm experiencing the same thing and it's incredibly frustrating considering the time it takes to render a viewport.
  15. adding textures to windows and doors by assigning classes to those components doesn't allow for texture scaling/rotation etc... has anyone figured out a work around for this?
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