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  1. I'm designing a casket that has a number of angled geometries. I'd like to apply a graphic to the plane that will extrude and subtract creating a carved effect. Is there an easy way to apply a 2d object to an angled plane? Thanks!
  2. Did this feature ever get added to the functionality of VW? Furthermore, is there any way to change the plane of a mirrored extrude so it remains in context relative to other objects?
  3. @Tim C. 2019 that I just paid through the NOSE for. So far I'm not very happy with it. Lag/spinning wheel. Render cache issues... the list goes on. Seems to happen more often when something has been imported into the file be it a dwg, pdf, sketchup model etc. I'd encourage your team to look at import functionality and how that affects the file? having the option to import a number of different formats isn't helpful if they cause corruption.
  4. I'm finding that this issue happens to me almost every time I edit anything in a viewport. HELP!
  5. JuanP are you running SP4 - 2019 on a Mac with the latest operating system? I find that it doesn't happen right at the initial generation of a file, but a little while into working. Also, the problem is fixed but closing and re-opening so any file sent to you would likely have to be modified a few times before the problem would present itself. I can't send you any of my problematic working files as they're confidential... if I have some time I'll try to put together a model that you can use for troubleshooting.
  6. @JimW has this been addressed yet? It was a top priority a year ago... Thanks
  7. they were working on it a year ago... I can't understand why it isn't fixed.
  8. Why am I still experiencing this issue?? Can someone advise on whether it's being fixed? I'm currently running VW2019 on a brand new macbook pro.
  9. NM I got it... I think there might be something glitching. The edit field is greyed out but I'm able to copy/paste directly in the cell. I think I'm getting the hang of it!
  10. Taproot is there an easier way to edit the material in the worksheet rather than having to input data for each door type? Thanks,
  11. Thank you! I'm still very much getting used to 2019! TEST.vwx
  12. Thanks Taproot... the screenshot that I uploaded is what I'm referring to. I have modified the data field for the door to simply have "WD" and not HMWD. Editing the worksheet directly works as well to change the suffix but the HM remains regardless of what I input into the field. Doors are all unstyled...
  13. Is there anyone that has come across this that can help me out? Thanks,
  14. Does anyone know how to remove the HM prefix in the VW generated door schedule for door and frame material? The cell is editable but I can't get rid of the "HM" in front of it...


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