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  1. I need to display Volume in both primary and secondary units but it will only display in primary. It's calculating the secondary units (meters) correctly but then it's converting the unit of measurement to primary (feet) for the display.


    See the lowest volume tag in the screenshot.


    Also, I still need a thousands separator.



  2. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov I need to display volume in both imperial and metric.


    Is it possible to have a formula in the data tag that converts imperial to metric, and then I can just manually add the marker?


    If there's an issue with numbers vs text, I could also calc metric area x metric height.


    Is there a link to data tag formulas / functions in documentation somewhere?


  3. On 3/1/2017 at 10:50 AM, Pat Stanford said:

    I see options in the Format Field for Length and Width in addition to Calculate Room Dim.


    If you click the Manage Space Labels you can add as many field to the label as you need.


    If you click the Edit Layout button you can move the text blocks around to get the arrangement you want.


    If you click the Edit button to the right of the Format Field you can add prefix and suffixes as necessary to each field.


    Let me know if this is not clear and I can send pictures.


    I'm getting the same issue with a Data Tag (I gave up on the Space Label).


    The issue seems to be there's no correlation with X or Y:

    • "length" = longest dim
    • "width" = shortest dim

    I need to find a way to:

    • Display "X length x Y length"
    • Show secondary units (metric) for volume
    • Show thousands separators


    Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 5.47.37 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 5.53.58 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 5.56.26 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 5.57.10 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 6.33.44 PM.png

  4. I gave up on the Space / Settings / Space Label, and just created a Data Tag.


    I'm running into 2 issues that I need to solve:

    1. I’m getting “True” for Calculate Room Dimensions (should display as: 144'-0" x 188'-0")
    2. There's no comma thousands separator even though I have that box checked in Doc / Units


    Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 3.55.05 PM.png

  5. @JustinVH That would def work if I want to show or hide them all but I was thinking there might be scenarios where I cherry pick which ones to show / hide based on the plot, so I guess I would be adding another 'hide' class... 


    Actually, that brings up a good point (I'm just going stop pardoning all of these puns because there're too many): when hiding objects, is the recommended best practice to:

    1. Dump them all on Nonplot
    2. Duplicate classes and add "-Hide" suffix
      • So I won't lose or forget the original class name
      • So I can find it inline with what I'm working on contextually at the time
    3. Duplicate classes and add "Hide-" prefix
      • So I can find all my hidden objects sorted in one place which I guess is what Nonplot is there for as a catchall
      • Saving a class filter would accomplish the same thing with #2 above

    I've done it all 3 ways, and haven't really developed a preference. I love the simplicity of #1 but I'm concerned about unexpected nested class visibilities (and forgetting original class names). More often than not, I usually go with #2 because it's the most "non-destructive", and leaves a breadcrumb trail (with the class naming).


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  6. 9 hours ago, jcogdell said:

    Hi Mark,

    I found out what is going on with the auto-placement settings for the data tag

    The tag settings are layer scale dependent, so in your example file the offset was getting multiplied by 48 (1:48 scale)


    Well that would be insane to manage, so my feature request is that it's not dependent on layer scale. Also, I hope the intention is not for data tags to be only used on sheet layers (or that we should only be drawing in 1:1 scale on design layers). Really just trying to restore 2D display functionality that existed in the now legacy tool.


    BTW I'm learning how to edit tags / layouts for the Space tool (which has its own set of challenges), and there might be a happy medium here for both tools... (in a Settings dialogue).


    Lastly, I haven't taken the time to screenshot this but the checkbox for Show pickup symbol is supposed to show/hide the 2D display but it also hides 3D display. Or at least that's my understanding from a video I watched. Currently, it completely hides the pickup from both 2D and 3D. I would never want to hide the 3D (I just wouldn't pick a pickup symbol from the symbol picker). I would only want to hide the 2D display.


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  7. For clarification, I'm still having the same issue with VW21 SP1 on Mojave 10.14.6


    I'll be upgrading to Catalina after Big Sur is released, so maybe that will fix it... (The irony of Catalina fixing something in Mojave is not lost on me.)

  8. On 10/8/2020 at 10:01 AM, zoomer said:

    I have that too on Big Sur.


    I thought I saw someone else having this issue... 


    I just moved the VW window to a 2k display, and it still does it. I didn't restart or any other voodoo housekeeping. I'm really not sure what's causing it. From memory, pretty sure I had this issue with 2020 on Mojave / High Sierra too.


  9. 17 hours ago, jcogdell said:
    On 10/7/2020 at 9:07 AM, Mark Aceto said:

    what am I doing wrong here with the offset?

    Not sure, I found the offset difficult to set myself. I'll make some inquiries and let you know what I find out


    Thanks! I thought it might be page-based but that doesn't seem to be the issue (thankfully).

  10. Have you tried quitting and restarting VW? This is exactly the sort of unexpected behavior warning sign of "I'm about to crash" that I would heed.


    BTW SP1 is out now (I don't see that issue logged though):




    Not for nothing but my test file was created in VW21. I also didn't migrate anything from VW20 to my VW21 install, so everything is so fresh and so clean clean.


  11. Does it behave this way when using the Insert Truss tool vs alt-dragging the object?


    What are the modes selected of that tool?


    Is the truss object flying away to auto-connect to something somewhere else in the drawing?

  12. @MartinBlomberg  What about None class? If I turn off the None class, I lose all my truss objects (kind of like the 0 class in ACAD). As a troubleshooting step, I would turn on every class. I've been working with a ton (pardon the pun) of truss in my test file with no issues.


    OK, I see that None is turned on 😄


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  13. 17 hours ago, jcogdell said:
    On 10/7/2020 at 9:38 AM, Mark Aceto said:

    Because this is dynamic text, I'm not sure how I would logically be able to format individual characters in the formula unless there's some kind of markdown I can use, so I would probably just *break this up into 4 separate fields (2 dumb labels + 2 smart fields).


    * EDIT: that will not work because the available parameters are formatted (aka "formated") incorrectly.

    There are both formatted and unformatted  parameters available for the X Y Coords. One issue with the tag definitions is you can't just edit the tag field definition settings such as units and precision, without deleting the old definition and replacing it with the updated definition. I frequently have issues with this myself, its far too easy to forget a step or to hit the add definition button before exiting the dialogue

    Regarding the display of the X Y Coords are you trying to achieve some like in the image below for the data tag? (I work in meters so that is what the hoist label and unedited tag fields are displaying)

    tag image.PNG


    That was the idea but I bailed on it because I couldn't find a tag field definition that worked like in your screenshot. I already have the X and Y coordinates displayed by the Hoist object arrows, so I don't need those values repeated in the data tag.



    • The word "formatted" is misspelled in the dropdown menu as "formated" throughout (perhaps a language translation issue)
    • Once again, I find myself requesting the feature to select multiple items (in the drop down menu) to speed up my workflow
      • The search functionality is massively helpful
        • Please add search to the Workspace Editor
      • Resizing the windows is also massively helpful
      • However, I'm not sure what a lot of the tag field definitions are, so the quickest way to find out is to create a dummy tag with all available options, and then replace them with the ones that I need


    Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 9.43.30 AM.png

  14. 8 hours ago, jcogdell said:
    On 10/7/2020 at 9:33 AM, Mark Aceto said:

     I need the hoist coordinate units to be different from the document units. Stock doc units are perfect as-is.

    This is only possible using the data tag. The Hoist OIP units will only display using the document settings, as far as I am aware this was the same for the old hoist object as well


    There has been a "Round Dimensions" checkbox in the Hoist OIP for as long as I can remember, so it just needs to be restored. I would send a screenshot but I don't have any older versions installed on my machine. Here it's mentioned in the most recent Help app:




    Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 9.34.09 AM.png

  15. 2 hours ago, jcogdell said:
    14 hours ago, Mark Aceto said:

    How do I make the X and the Y labels bold in the data tag?

    edit the data tag style and in the display tab choose the edit tag layout button.

    next select the appropriate text field and the text options are in the OIP 


    Because this is dynamic text, I'm not sure how I would logically be able to format individual characters in the formula unless there's some kind of markdown I can use, so I would probably just *break this up into 4 separate fields (2 dumb labels + 2 smart fields).


    * EDIT: that will not work because the available parameters are formatted (aka "formated") incorrectly.


    Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 9.36.20 AM.png

  16. Thanks @klinzey 


    I tried editing the style, and setting the Y auto offset to -12" but it always just places the tag where I click. Is there documentation about this anywhere? Data tags are rad but this is a real curveball to just randomly discover on my own based on a soundbite in a promo video for lighting device label legends.



    • How do I set X and Y position of data tag?
    • How do I set hoist coordinates to feet & inches in the Hoist OIP?
    • How do I get the numbers to round off?
    • How do I make the X and the Y labels bold in the data tag?
      • I'm honestly thinking of just deleting them because the PIO provides the coordinates
    • To assign a data tag to every hoist, do I have to individually click on each hoist?
      • And make sure that I don't accidentally click on the wrong hoist because the data tag will forever be linked to that hoist?
    • Is there a way for me to select a data tag style from within the Hoist OIP?



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