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  1. I get asked this question a lot by my comrades. I use the horizontal section viewport, and edit the settings to view the ceiling above the cut plane in hidden line. you can also add in a 2nd ceiling viewport in OGL, which is a cool look. RCP EXAMPLE - SMALL ROOM.vwx RCP EXAMPLE - SMALL ROOM v2019.vwx
  2. I just saw MRoth's "forward" and "backward" nodes, which i think are very cool. I've often wondered why there isn't a "send" node. Does anyone know why? Have i just missed it? Is there a "send" work around?
  3. I've noticed that when i have different projects open, that the object info palette might not display the same info for the same objects. This comes up a lot with plug-in objects. I'll open someone 's project, and the object info palette lacks info. see attached images. here i've copied some lights to troubleshoot their setup, and the object info palette shows more info in my new blank document than in the original client document for the "same" pasted light object. This is important, because sometimes you just want to make little changes without clicking through the edit dialogue, and i just like a more verbose palette...and sometimes i don't 😉 1. Can the object info palette settings be changed? 2. Is there a way to reorder the items that show up in the object info palette? thanks
  4. not sure what you mean art. I don't know of a setting in vectorworks that does that. the only sound setting I have is for "vectorworks smart sounds" and that doesn't affect system tones.
  5. ok. thank you. there are a few alerts of different names that all sound the same. VWX seemed to like "default beep." I wish I didn't have to disable a warning system wide, but i'm glad it's solved to now. thanks for your help.
  6. Unfortunately that isn't the sound i'm talking about. That sound control is for the clicks that vectorworks gives off when you rollover buttons. Windows has a warning sound that vectorworks triggers whenever I label something or force select a layer. it's always been this way, but I would previously turn my volume down. I have a new setup, and I like to have my volume up with music playing. I need this incessant sound to stop.
  7. Is there anyway to disable the warning tone that VWX makes?
  8. I would like to model an object, and then convert that object to a marionette network. it is objectively faster to model an object graphically. it would be awesome to be able to draw an object, then have vectorworks convert it to a network for further parametric use.
  9. was this problem ever solved? i'm having the same issue.
  10. I build my own towers. you can maintain last years top of the line prosumer PC for $400-$600 per year if you keep it upgraded. ie: this year a new video card...next year a new power supply upgrade to 1000w...2 years after that there's a new processor, so get the new chipset and mobo because it'll still work w/your ram, video and power. always buy last years thing. it's cost effective, and not that hard. it does take a little time at the beginning to learn all the details of the hardware interactions, but you soon begin to get a feel for the subject matter and lingo. you do not need to be a rocket scientist, or solder your own front side cache. if you have all the parts, it'll take you 4hrs-ish to have a computer with win 10 ready to go. you will spend the next week tweaking it. someday, you will eventually create a hardware problem that you didn't anticipate, and you'll be real mad, and you'll just have to wait for the new part to come... but it always beats a six year old, out of date Mac that you can't replace for less than $3k-$5k source: i am not a rocket scientist, but i was once a mac user.
  11. I have a surface hatch that i need to line up with the attribute tool, but i'm running into two problems: 1) i cannot use the attribute mapping tool on wall hatches 2) even if i adjust the texture manually to line up, the view port does not display the texture and wall hatch similarly pics attached. i'm using "Block (UK) Stretch Bond 450x225 RT" and a renderworks texture and hatch i created. while editing the hatch mapping in the texture everything is fine, and then the design layer OpenGL looks fine. but, in the viewport, the hatch and image are no longer aligned: the image is correct, but the hatch is off...by a lot. which brings me back to problem one: i can't edit any texture on the wall.
  12. This was after windows 10 upgrade, and reinstall of VWX2015. Oddly enough it doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it happens to most of the files. Still no rhyme or reason to it. p.s. - also, i just noticed that i need to fix my signature to reflect my recent upgrade.
  13. When i set OpenGL to draw edges, it draws the shapes as black boxes regardless what the edge color is. Textures are shown as blocks. Viewport OpenGL renders are the same. Use texture, color, and anti alias are not effected with draw lines. Changing the crease angle has no effect. The problem occurs with old file and new files. Examples attached.
  14. REQUEST: add criteria to the function INSYMBOL, or allow symbol criteria for other functions besides COUNT(), or create a set of symbol functions that allow worksheet processing of symbol geometery. Is there anyway to single out a symbol type in a worksheet to call up specific info about that symbol type? IE: the volume of the solids in a symbol. i don't think there is, hence posting in requests. let me know if i'm wrong. how i imagine it would work: =volume(s='symbol_name') returns volume for all the 3d geometry inside 'symbol_name' for all layers. and =volume(s='symbol_name')/count(s='symbol_name') returns the volume of all the 3d geometry inside a single instance of a symbol. or maybe: =criteriasymbol(s='symbol_name', volume(t=xtrd),1) returns the volume of all the extrudes in the first instance of 'symbol_name' or something
  15. I would love it if you guys at panzerCAD would add a head on option to the camera match tool. stage drawings are typically head on, and it would be nice to add geometry to head on stage drawings and pictures. example attached. oh wait, i can't attach anything larger than 8bytes. not many screenshots will fit in 8 bytes. here's a link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5K6aplZg6Q6VEEwT3NaS2kyYTg/view?usp=sharing thanks
  16. Whew! I'm just glad i'm not doing something silly. let me know what happens. it's so random, i never discover it until the 11th hour.
  17. I'm getting 2 weird glitches where exported PDFs with cropped viewports don't render hidden line drawings, and grayed layers don't render in perspective hidden line. so, an image export is fine. printing directly is fine. but exported or published PDFs randomly display hidden line work. whether it's gray areas or crops. the problem occurs randomly. i finally captured this at work today. i've already re-installed vectorworks. could this just be an Adobe problem? if you're bored, and wouldn't mind, please open this file and let me know if you can export to a PDF. example PDFs attached.
  18. i'm getting this too all of a sudden...don't remembering this happening, before. is this a glitch, or is it supposed to happen?
  19. -edit clip cube with push/pull shape, add/subtract solid -convert custom shape/gen solid into CLIP OBJECT -add transparency gradient towards perimeter or specific face of CLIP OBJECT/CUBE -create section viewports from horizontal section planes (why not w/cube now?) -create section viewport from any CLIP OBJECT face
  20. The problem with Hidden Line is that it won't allow for images to display, and requires outside compositing. Neither will poly, and wireframe is obviously to busy for a client. i think you have to have renderworks, but i really don't need 99% of renderworks. i would luv to give $5 for the openGL options i need. otherwise, it's ok if no one knows, I think the blown out setting (view>lighting>set lighting options>ambient=on,brightness=100) works well enough for my purposes, but it seems odd that you can't control openGL options more readily. maybe time to learn VectorScript? once they patch the OGL lines and viewport shading problems, my only other concern is the image mapping problem. another oddity, to me, is that images map correctly in your design space, but not correctly in a ortho or persp viewport.
  21. Yeah, sorry i wasn't more clear. I just want to turn the default shading off in OpenGL, and see lines around things in OpenGL. Jim, you already spoke to the outline issue for non-renderworks licenses, saying that that would be fixed in the upcoming Service Pack. (BTW, was there a time frame for that?) And then if images map correctly in perspective view after the update, i'll be set. I've attached a simple example of what i was trying to emulate from SU. What i gather from the answers is that i can't do this, as my "interactive" tab doesn't have a "rendermode" option. I never need renderworks in my job, which is why i'm loath to buy it. sketchup is initially good, but whenever i use sketchup, i do so knowing that i will invariably end up in VWX rebuilding the entire model, which gets old. the last improvement to VWX that would get me out of SU is the ability to create geometry that i quickly apply basic images to, and then show to clients in a clean, simple drawing. simple tectures, and no fancy lighting. right now that's not really possible. all those great renderings i see people creating...i will never be asked to or paid to create them. my clients basic conceptual concerns are often as simple as "is 19' taller than 17', and what does it look like next to a person?" it sounds asinine, but it's really that simple. after that, the entire flow is all technical drawing.
  22. Is it possible to turn off OpenGL object shading like you can in SU?
  23. In my layer views, i can see OpenGL. In the openGL options, the "draw edges" option is grayed out. further, when i create a viewport, the viewport will only display in wire frame. i'm running a NVIDIA GTX 660, with an up-to-date driver, openGL version 4.5, and 2GB of GDDR5. everything i'm reading suggests that's good enough to render openGL. do i need to upgrade?
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