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  1. Hi All, Why the definition of plant symbol cant be edited suddenly??? what setting i changed??? When I duplicate a plant symbol, I cant change any content in definition dialog tag, such as ID, Latin name, common name .... etc. I click 'OK' after I edit, nothing happened, I have to click 'cancel' to close definition dialog tag. --- it still worked very well all the time before. Anyone can help??? Thanks! _________________________________________________________________________ VW 2016 LANDMARK. Windows
  2. Thanks Alan, It is exactly the problem frustrated me. the presentation you uploaded solve the issue, but the line weight in VW is really hard to control... thanks again.
  3. Hi all, Anyone knows how to control the line weight to be shown EXACTLY as we set up on screen. I already set the line 3mm width that is displayed ridiculous wide on screen, but when i issue it to pdf, it looks wider but not as I expected. it always looks thinner... thanks ______________________________________________________ VW 2016 SP4 MAC.
  4. Really looking forward to new version. the fascinating feature of VW is 'one-stop' design tool, which is the most attractive function to me. Although, some basic functions still need to be fixed---personal preference. For example, Control XREF files class visibility from viewport, or issue grey PDF files, or Text Finding(the best one still is CAD-again, personal opinion) and basic adjustment for images colour,stature...(PS function)-now in order to make my plan better, I have to use 5-10 same images but different statures/color. I mean, all these functions would change VW a lot, but they are powerful functions to my daily work, making my life really easy. Really hope VW can inherit these advantages from other programs, and also develop the feature itself. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Here is a problem i found recently. after i create some landscape area objects, i cant change them conveniently, for example, I put them on one class named Mass planting and labels on the other class eg: softlabel. But, when i change the landscape area path, the label change its class to massplanting class automatically, which is not i wanted,i hope it could stay in label class. Second issue: once the landscape area created, i cant flip its line type(it is a custom linetype), it will disappeared. line type is OK in polyline, which i can flip freely. anyone met this issue before?? Thanks!! ________________________ VW 2015, Mac
  6. can fix this by exporting to image files, but you need to drag all images back to pdf again in the end. I just want to explore some better ideas... thanks anyway
  7. Hi Jim when i export to image files,other problem shows up: the image i use as "hatch" show white edge frame... see attched please
  8. Hi all, I use png files in VW, such as tree symbol, but when i export to pdf files, there always show sharp white edge around images... anyone knows how to fix this issue??? see attached screen shot thanks a lot
  9. Hi, anyone knows how to print color hatch to gray color??? one way i can set view port to black white. is there other way i can control color hatch to print gray color?? thanks __________________________________ Vectorworks 2016 Mac
  10. Thanks Ben, It does work for everything but not for the one I wanted!!!!! Sad… don’t know why. Still appreciate your help.
  11. Hi all, Anyone could please help me resetting the prompt ask dialog??? At the beginning, there was a ‘asking box’ jumped out until I tick ‘always’, but I want to change my decision. I want to keep the attributes when I change the class. so how could I reactive this ???? btw: creating a new file seems could fix this problem, but I can’t. It is a master template, so I am stucked with this file. Thanks _____________________________ VECTORWORKS 2015 MAC
  12. Hi all, Anyone knows why the Reference Source when creating new viewport is not available?---but when i create a new file,everything works well.Only some files(eg: this is CAD converted file) randomly cant use viewport reference source function. Anyone can help?? thanks! see the screen please. ____________________________________________________ Vectorwork2014 PC
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