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  1. I'm trying to increase the size of my site model. Currently the house walls go off the side. Part of the courtyard also has its corner cut off. Although there is a pad around the house it cannot go past the site model so I have ended up with a very annoying ridge of site model straight through a flat flower bed. Don't truly understand the whole site model thing yet and I don't want to risk doing the site model again incase I spend the next 2 days in chaos. Tried adding stakes (same layer as site model) and selecting 'include as site model data' then selecting the site model and 'updating' but they don't get included into the site model.. Any help would be really welcome! S.
  2. Recently purchased new licenses and therefore we would like to sell 1 x Vectorworks Landmark Renderworks 2018 Please email me for details: studio@stephanelustig.com
  3. This seems to have happened to my flies.. running VW19 SP3 From fast renderworks to final quality.. left it over night and came back to the examples below (before and after).. Takes SOOOOO long to render so pretty frustrating..
  4. Help needed please! For some reason the lines you can see in front of the trees in the foreground and also some of the line edges of extruded objects are showing in front of trees which have been planted with the planting tool.. I am at a total loss!
  5. Ticked displacement mapping under Custom Renderworks Options and it's much better.. Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone... Trying to create realistic hedges but after rendering they are still just extruded cubes with flat leaves.. I've uploaded my current settings.. about to give up!
  7. Thanks for your reply Ray. I'm using the VW symbols.. Evergreen tree and Ornamental Tree. When I look at them in the plant settings / Definition window the 3d box shows grey. None of the options have anything but a grey box in the 3d preview window. I've tried send to surface and still it only shows 2 upright grey rectangles crossed over each other.. Not sure what a dtm is I'm aftraid..
  8. I am placing trees in my 3d model but they are not showing up unless I switch back to 2d. Have spent about an hour on this now and pulling my hair out.. Any suggestions? Clearly I am being a fool and it is something really simple. I'm not really a wiz at 3d VW.. Spent the last 2 yrs using 2d and then Sketchup..
  9. Every time I create a plant from a circle with a purple fill it comes out green when placed. Totally stumped.
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