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  1. I think people are trying to export the other way (VW to Sketchup, unless there is a dedicated skp exporter as well now) ...or at least I am and would like to add to the list of people having scale issues (VW Designer 2015 SP 2) and its a pain when I have clients that want to view models in sketchup and each time I do a revision I have to export and correct the scale which is a pain.
  2. http://download2.nemetschek.net/TechTips/Custom_Lighting_Device/Custom_Lighting_Device.html Totally forgot that existed...That should walk you through everything....and you have to use the inst insertion tool, otherwise you're just throwing in a 2d/3d 'dumb' symbol rather than the Light object as it basically loads the vectorscript plugin to do the LX stuff (thats how I understand it, but I could be mistaken).
  3. I can't help you with the crashing issue (but if memory serves I had that issue in 2009 as well) ...but once you import the symbol (not really a symbol at this point more just a group) into VW you select it, and create a symbol like you normally would (select it, MODIFY->CREATE SYMBOL... since you just need 2D it's a quick process) ...and this next step I can't remember exactly how 2009 did it so my apologies if I mess it up... but I believe under the "CONVERT" section of the MODIFY pulldown is a "Convert to Instrument" option (they later moved this to a Spotlight pulldown by default)...but you have to make it a VW symbol first before this will work, and then this will attach the necessary record format so you can have your channel fields and such. Now if they were built using AutoCAD Blocks (smartish symbols) rather than just a bunch of lines (dumb symbols, as they don't have any record format attached), I have heard there is a way to have VW read that info, but I've always found it faster just to make the symbol the "long" way rather then waste time trying to figure out the other way...and most dwg symbols I've found on the net tend to just be lines grouped together
  4. Did they use the tool to make that?...as that looks like the ones i just manually draft on sheet layers and update by hand...If you can do that with the Magic Sheet paperwork generator then it would save me tons of time...even more if I could just update my LW file and have it correct my magic sheet.
  5. I generally just make a layer (but a class would work as well) for the FP and turn them off when I print/export...you could duplicate the symbol and edit the 3d part of the symbol (the duplicate not the original and label it as an "UP" version and then just drop them in where you want them (in fact if they are spaced equally you could just do a duplicate array)... assuming you just need it for 3d geometry and not to actually try and render lighting looks with...I personally do this all the time with the truss symbols when I work in 3d for arena rigs that have funky angles and layouts.
  6. Dawned on my I could just export to excel and do any format stuff and then reimport a dumb worksheet to throw on the plates...I guess I was just hoping there was a more direct workflow.
  7. For the most part I like...just some small things that are a little annoying (mostly because I don't come from video system design background so i'm sure I want to draw in a weird LDish way), but overall I do enjoy the speed bump from manually drawing everything.... So....I guess the question is if I can get CC to output a worksheet in a way that I could quickly resort it (as I don't have decimal points in my rows) by things such as racks or devices (or even to resort my cable numbers after I make changes) The spreadsheet vs. database issue would answer part of my question as I had only used it with LX data before
  8. Hi all, I'm I've been drawing up some signal follows for media systems, and then (using a connectCAD) making a worksheet...My issue is trying to sort that worksheet...I normally do light plots so i just use LW for my paperwork, so its been a little bit since I've used the worksheets, but in the past i remember sort to be a snap....I know I'm supposed to drag the sort function to the column, but I can't get it to un-gray, and allow me to use it....I am sure I'm missing some super dumb simple step, but for the life of me I can't figure it out....any ideas?
  9. I'm not sure if this would be a good question for here or the Renderworks section, but: I'm doing renderings of lighting looks in Vectorworks, and I'm having trouble adjusting the "sharpness" of instruments. I believe it has something to do with the information in the object info palette for the the light that just needs tweaked, but I might be mistaken. If anybody knows a good way to explain this to me i would greatful.
  10. After a while of working on other things the idea came to just copy everything to a new file (ground plan, 3d model, lighting rig) and voila it works again... Sucks as now I have to rebuild my layers and classes, but at least it seems fixed...but would still love to know what I messed up somewhere if anybody knows
  11. Long time lurker, first time poster So i'm attempting to use the shutters in VW to do a rendering, but no matter what mode I'm using (Open GL, Fast Renderworks, Final Rendworks) adusting the shutters of the light seems to do nothing to the output. I seem to remeber being able to do this just fine a few months back so I feel fairly confident that I'm doing everything the same....I'm currently using 2012, but I also opened up the same file in 2011 and it acted the same... I opened a blank file and built a simple room and played with the shutters of a light and they behaved just fine....so my question Is there a file setting somewhere that I must have hit at some point that would cause it to ignore rendering the shutters in the this particular file?
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