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  1. I might be going crazy but I am getting a bit stuck on some fixture rotation stuff in Spotlight VW2017.

    I loaded a drawing from 2016 that has lots of fixtures with the "Set 3D Orientation" / "Set Y Rotation" values set to various angles. When opened up in 2017 all the angles say the same as 2016 but the fixtures are not correctly rotated as they are in 2016.

    I started a new drawing with one symbol in both 2016 and 2017 to see if I could find the issue but I can't see why 2017 is behaving differently to 2016.

    Pictures attached and VW files.

    The only difference is the "active plane" but I can't set it to "Layer Plane" in 2017 as the option is not there.

    I must be missing something...been a long day...hope someone can set me straight.



    Rotation Error VW2016.vwx

    Rotation Error VW2017.vwx



  2. @ Mitch

    Thanks for that. Worked a treat. Not sure why I did not think of that :-)


    Thanks, but I can't even find the Split tool or Slice tool you mention.

    Shame it is not as easy as it is in C4D...just grab the top surface and rotate it.

  3. I can't figure out how to taper (angle) the top of a cylinder. Hopefully someone can help me out?

    I started with a circle and then extruded it.

    I then tapered it slightly so bottom surface is slightly smaller in diameter than the top surface.

    All good so far...

    But this is where it goes wrong..

    I now need to angle the top surface at about 20 degrees leaving the rest of the object without any further deformation. (so if viewed from the side it would look like a wedge).

    I have tried the Taper and Deform tool but I can't seem to make them work.

    Is my approach to making this simple shape wrong?

    Am I missing something obvious? :-)

    Any help would be appreciated.

  4. I first tried Install All and then cancelled each of the queued downloads one at a time (because it seemed to not be working) until only one was trying to download. This still did not fix it.

    I then quit the manager and restarted it and now, all is good.

  5. Hi All,

    See Picture attached.

    I can't figure out why the truss and pipe in this drawing won't show correctly in OpenGL. The other object (box) is fine but all my truss and piping is affected.

    It is the same for all render modes actually.

    I have pasted these objects into a new blank drawing to be sure and the result is still the same.

    Maybe I am missing something simple???

    Any help appreciated.

  6. You should be able to find the links for the file under the After sales support for the fixtures.

    There is one file that contains most of the products and is in the "illustrations" section of the relevant product page.

    This is the link for the MAC 101 support page, just as an example.

    VW files

  7. Hi Mickey/Jeff,

    I do the VW symbols for Martin. Sorry for the delay but I have been on holiday the last couple of weeks and just got back too it today.

    I will hopefully get the remaining Viper symbols (Profile and AirFX are already available) done by the end of the week.

    I will also be adding the MAC III Quadray and VC Strip.

    I will post back when they go online.

  8. I use a tablet (Wacom) all the time for VW and all the other packages I use.

    I must admit though, I did not even know about the tablet menu until I read this post.

    Like V G says, it would be interesting to know how it can be of use.

    I am currently travelling so dont have my tablet with me to test.

  9. Lec:

    Totally agree. Whats makes matters worse is that you dont have a hanging angle option when using the curved truss tool but you do when using the straight truss tool. Converting to a light position does not give a hanging angle either!


    Thanks for the file. It is a different approach but having worked with your file I just cant seem to get along with it. This mainly has to do with the way I do my layers. I need to keep my layers in the style I do as I often export the VW file into MSD for offline programming and this is where the layer structure becomes a little more critical for me.

    I find it odd that VW has a good layer and class system that you essentially have to stop using in any sensible manor to make vertical truss.

  10. Tamsin:

    Thanks. I have included a plot (on dropbox link) that has the items I mentioned. I actually drew it the way I normally would (so it looks as it should in 3D) and I now need you to show how to create the 2D paper plots.


    All makes sense but I am not totally clear on step 4. I dont think your method will work with the way I do my drawings but I could be wrong. Please take a look at the included file. Maybe I am doing it all the wrong way around?

    Thanks for the help!

    Dropbox link to VW2013 file


    Screen grab of plot

  11. Hi Tamsin,

    I have VSS and the example video that I have watched many times works for when you want to do something simple like in the video. The problems occur when you want to create something more akin to the real world and this is where I would like to see a video tutorial.

    typical plot might be as in this included picture.

    In terms of fixtures, as a good working example to help me get my head around it all, I would like to see the following..

    Each leg in the picture has 4 truss pieces at different angles.

    Each truss piece should have:

    2 x video panels (EC10).

    2 x Source 4's.

    2 x moving lights.

    layered and classed as follows.

    video on "Video plot" layer and class called "EC10"

    S4's on "Lighting plot" layer and class called "Generics"

    Moving Lights on "Lighting plot" layer and class called "Moving Lights"

    It is with this type of drawing that I really struggle to get the plot and model working for me.

    If you can do a video tutorial I would be most appreciative as I am sure others would as I know I am not alone in this.

    I hope you can help with this Tamsin :)

  12. Hi Simon

    For anything else (like an extrude), it's 3 clicks 1st to set the centre of rotation, 2nd to choose the point you want to move, and 3rd to put that point back down in its new location.

    But in C4D and 3DS Max it is just click and drag...why does VW make it so time consuming?

  13. From what I can see all truss included in spotlight is hybrid so I have to convert to a group and then ungroup first.

    All the fixtures in Spotlight are hybrid and I want to keep them that way (for 2D paperwork purposes) so again I am a little screwed on using the Auto Hybrid command.

    This leaves me with plot and model (not a real option) or just drawing all things vertical twice (once in 3D and then for the paperwork side of things).

    I would like to see an example, step by step, of someone taking some truss and some hybrid lighting fixtures and then doing all the needed steps to make this auto hybrid feature clearer to me though as I may be doing it a little wrong.

  14. I know they have improved it but the entire rotation thing in VW still seems to conspire against me all the time.

    I would hope that it can work in an intuitive way just like it does in C4D or 3DS Max.

    When I try and rotate a hybrid object (light for example) I get the usual dialogue box stating that Hybrid objects can only be rotated in a plane parallel to the active layer plane and I then have to go back to the slow way of ticking the "set 3D Orientation" box and then typing a value. This is way too slow and not very intuitive at all.

    Maybe I am doing it all wrong though so I would be extremely happy for someone to tell me the correct way of doing it :-)

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