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  1. I used to primarily work inside Vectorworks for my projects back when 2D was the common drawing technique. My focus is residential new construction - community design. Now that "live" modeling is nearly a must (BIM), i've had to move away from Vectorworks and into applications built more for residential design, since items like eave detailing can take a lot of time modeling those details by "hand". I was curious if anyone has found a quick way to model eave conditions such as return roofs etc in Vectorworks? Thanks.
  2. I am curious why you would choose to model in Rhino over VW? Of course you can bring in model data - I would recommend using layers in Rhino for each building component so you can export-import into a "structured" layer/class file on the VW side (foundation/floor construction/floor plans/ceiling and roof). However, if you feel there is something you can't model well in VW (although I can't imagine what it would be), it would be faster and more efficient to do a majority of the basic architectural elements in VW and import specific Rhino modeled objects.
  3. I was very disappointed to see that the plants, when you mass them - go all bonkers and you end up with unpredictable results. I've had to do all manner of "fudging" to get plans out the door, and I was hoping VW 2014 would be the end of this. Sadly, its almost worse. I can't imagine people aren't experiencing the same issues. Simply saving a file and reopening ends up with different results.
  4. I cannot print a 17x22 size color site plan from Vectorworks 2012 - each time the PDF creation fails and a log is created. I have no problems printing other PDF's from VW. There were a few images I resized to shrink the size, but this is very frustrating. Thank you in advance for any help.
  5. I recently scaled back my company and have an extra copy of Vectorworks Designer 2009. Can I sell it legally? If so, how do I transfer the ownership? The program is great, but I am now just a one man operation and don't need multiple copies. Thanks for your help! John-Paul jprcox@gmail.com
  6. I recently upgraded to 2009 from VW12, and I went to add plants to my drawing and 2009 only has a few plants. I don't know if the sales people made a mistake and gave me a version without Landmark (I should have Designer). Then I remembered viewing a training video where you need to somehow install the plant library - but I cant seem to find that video any longer. PLEASE help!!
  7. I actually took the chance with the new driver and it worked fine (unlike the last time I tried). So...Vectorworks 2009 now works like a charm. Wow - I can't imagine how this could be such an issue, but now that it is fixed I am so happy. THANK you guys for helping me through that!!!! You really helped me.... JP
  8. The problem is that my video card driver can only be "Dell" approved. The last time I updated my video driver via AMD's website download, my driver had to be re-set with the (older) version Dell tested to make sure it works with all their other hardware. I am currently using the most up-to-date driver Dell provides for my system. Don't ask me to explain why that would be the case, since it is ridiculous. But as some have commented here, it does not seem like this should be the problem. None of my other programs have this issue?? So I guess I have to wait until either Dell or Nemetschek do something about it...
  9. I upgraded about 45 days ago, and just now started using 2009. I can't complete 15 minutes of work without crashing. Its not as if I am importing old files and something in those is problematic, I am actually starting from scratch. The program says I am updated - this is ridiculous. Of course I am now past the 30 day return....wow, this is really bad and now will scrap using 2009 for now since I need to get work done. Please fix this so my faith can be restored in Nemetschek. By the way, I am using a Dell XPS Quad - 3 gig ram, Vista 32 bit
  10. jcaia


    I have been complaining about this for a long time - as I went out and bought an Intel Mac Mini for working at home. The truth of the matter is that Nemetschek actually stated in the past that VW12 would be ready for the Intel Macs in line with Apple's release - and they have a version that they showed everyone at their booth. They should just release a beta to us now - as I would prefer to take my chances with that over what we have now. I am very frustrated, and am looking at alternitives for future cad systems. -JP
  11. If they have a version (even beta), they should release it. I would be happier with a "buggy" version of VW12 than how slow it runs on Intel Macs. Overall, Nemetschek has been really promoting the fact VW12 would be Intel compatible, but it seems to be taking forever.
  12. Is anyone else sick of waiting for the version of VW12 to work with the new Intel Macs. That is the main reason I upgraded, and it still has not come out yet - even though my sales rep said it was going to be out by now. What is taking so long - after all, Nemetschek was talking about how VW12 would be Intel ready before Apple surprised them by releasing early....but they should have the code fixed by now.
  13. I just went back and read the news release by NNA in December, and I have to say that for someone reading the news release, it would seem that NNA would be supporting Intel Macs from that point forward. Please read: ______ Columbia, Maryland (December 20, 2005)?Nemetschek North America announced today that its VectorWorks 12 line of software products will support Apple? Intel? Macintosh? computers. Existing VectorWorks 12 users will receive this new support without additional upgrade fees. ______ I find this to be very misleading language - although, I am sure it was not on purpose. I bought VW12 based on this information. I will be patient though - as VW12 looks like it will be worth the wait. John C.
  14. Thanks for the input. I thought I read (before I purchased) that version 12 was Intel ready (not using Rosette). Is that not the case? Again, thanks for the info. John C.
  15. I just upgraded to Vectorworks 12, and I am considering taking it back, as it very slow on my new Core Duo Mac Mini. The only thing I can liken it to is working "under water". I have been using Vectorworks for years, and this version looks good - but the speed of drawing is way too slow - can anyone give me a recommendation? I have 2G Ram on the machine. Thanks, John C.
  16. I noticed that when i turned VM off it stops doing that....
  17. I have installed the new VW Architect 9.0.1 - there are lots of improvements, however, there is STILL the delay (working under water feeling) after certain commands i.e. joining, undo etc. When is this going to be fixed? It is really getting old. I am running a G4 400 with 384 megs of ram.
  18. you seriously need a good hatch creation tool/method. The one you have now is beyond inadequate.
  19. you seriously need a good hatch creation tool/method. The one you have now is beyond inadequate.
  20. jcaia

    the new "9"

    Trust me, I think that everyone is having printing problems?it is ridiculous. I can?t print some files to ANY printer that we have in our office. I have gotten some files to print by converting the drawing to a dxf file and then importing it back into vw8.5?.this is really sucks though? I am about ready to bag vectorworks 9 too?
  21. we too are having the same problem...we tried va9 on different machines and it is the same. hopefully this will be fixed soon or we will go back to using v8. ps: this is just one of many problems.
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