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  1. Thanks! It is never a good idea to change something so basic and provide (i.e. thru they lame VW help?) an easy way to query the problem, if it was not for this forum I would still be searching their very dense (both definitions) help menu. Jim
  2. They have answered my prayers in 2011. Nice button...and easy location right at the top of the page...Thanks VW
  3. I talked with a tech. The problem: usiing a 2010 file upped to a 2011 file one of the classes had "markers" set in the edit class dialog box and since there is not a "None" toggle I could not get it to stop drawing arrows!!!!!!!!!!!! The solution: he said that I had to go to markers and select "custom" and make it "zero's" for angle and etc. This is a very unsatifactory solution please don't create dead ends like this. The reason given was "because ACAD import files can get messed up..........that's a sorry reason to frustrate me and not even give the simple toggle to fix it......All I want is "none" At a minimum: in the help file give a reason for it and a fix it like listed above.
  4. I wish grade calulator was a tear-off that would sit on top of drawing so I could use it without an active grade-slope operation.
  5. Thanks for the link, man that is a time saver!
  6. A radio button for "Zoom Line Thickness" in vectorworks pref. would be great - I am constantly toggling this back and forth esp. when I am using some heavy line wts.
  7. I had & have this same issue - I could not zoom in too close or else all the lines disappeared...maddening... I talked with a VecW Tech person - I was using a 2009 .template file that was up-converted to 2010 when i started a new drawing - we determine that it was some-kind of upgrade bug. The fix - copy paste the elements from the problem file to a new 2010 drawing and the problem went away in the new file.
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