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  1. Farookey - if I can get this to work it will be amazing!! Dont have time to try this out at the moment but it sounds brilliant. Will give it a go and report back. Thanks for the suggestion, Im looking forward to seeing what other plugin parameters I can tweak. Thanks
  2. Thanks mar - just had a go and I think this will work. Have done it by creating a section VP with the label in the annotations layer set to the style that I want. I then duplicated the section VP on the sheet layer and with all of the new section VPs selected changed the section line instances in the OIP (which gave me sequential makers on my plan VP). I can then go in and edit the positions of all the makers so that they are in the positions I want. Just what I was after - thanks.
  3. Is there any way to set the label style and section viewport style as a document preference / standard as there is for normal drawing labels? I often put a lot of elevations onto my drawings to show postions and sizes for graphics on exhibition stands - a typical plan viewport might have 20 elevation markers with associated elevation viewports. I find at the moment that I have to change every section marker to an elevation marker (in annotations in Plan VP). Is there any way to create elevations rather than sections without having to go back and change them individually in the OIP? Also Id like to be able to set the style of the label that appears in the elevation viewport so that it is consistent with my other drawing labels. Currently I have to do this in each elevation viewport which takes a while - can I set the default style of an elevation viewport drawing label so that whenever I add an elevation on my plan VP the elevation VP has a label style of my choosing? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. VW11 SP3 released and still no support for SU8 . . .
  5. 3ds files always seem to be very poor quality when exported from VW regardless of the quality you try to output at. Have tried using them in Sketchup and 3d Studio and they always look awful. Have raised this issue with Computers Unlimited in the UK (back in February) but heard nothing back yet.
  6. It doesn't seem that VW supports sketchup textures at the moment. I just updated using SP3 VW11 and am disappointed to see that there is still no support for SU8? So - more duplicate back saved SU7 files coming up . . .
  7. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=145519&Searchpage=4&Main=29767&Words=sketchup+material&Search=true#Post145519
  8. SU 7 works as an import but would be great not to have to back save . . .
  9. Any news on when is this likely to be resolved? SU 8 has been out for a while now?
  10. "Certain kind of lag" - a feature!! Ha! Can I get a version without it? Personally Im not really up for having to work late and stay after hours for free cos of a feature lag! I terms of rhythm I, my boss, contractors and clients expect the rhythm to be getting things done accurately in the least amount of time possible. The frustration that builds up while waiting for regen's means that things get lost or overlooked because Im not working to MY rhythm - Im WAITING for the software to catch up. BCD - yeah a slider to control the detail you are working to and therefore the lag would be good or something that means detail is progressively shown. InDesign has three different preview modes - could VW do something similar with settings like Preview High, Preview Med and Preview Working for responsiveness . . . Anything to improve workflow, speed and user satisfaction on this issue PLEASE . . .
  11. Agree totally willofmaine - anyone from NV? Ive been keeping my eye on this thread and its been 'hot' for two weeks now. It wont be a big issue for me for much longer anyway as Im afraid Im jumping ship . . . Ive managed to persuade my boss to purchase some pro licences of Sketchup. Its quick, intuitive, responsive and uncluttered and I can instantly see what my changes look like - not it 5 minutes. Just got totally bored and frustrated with the regen speed and material pallet in VW. Over time the cost of SU will be saved in the time I would have spent waiting for VW to show me what things look like. As I said in a previous post I understand that the two bits of software are different we are adding SU to our arsenal rather than ditching VW but if VW was less clunky on materials and the working render speeds were significantly better it would still be our workhorse package. See you at detail stage VW . . .
  12. Completely agree - default OpenGL all the way! And please please please a better way of applying materials, some folders to put them in so I dont need a separate "favourite" file for each type of material and a serious update to the UI. Its reminiscent of the FormZ material UI when I used it 4 years ago - but not quite as good! I really hope that this is resolved soon, very soon. I for one am seriously thinking of trying other way of producing "quick" visuals of what Im working on and then detailing in VW. Id rather be able to stick with VW as a one stop shop cos its so good in most other ways and so easy to use. Maybe my screen might have refreshed now that Ive finished writing . . . ?
  13. NaeSean - I find myself looking at the sketchup forums while Im waiting Im afraid, dont see this getting sorted for a while (but I hope Im wrong)?! Having said that I agree with Mark Flamer too - generally I find VW a great tool but I think the really need to up their game and make the graphics / materials side of things much easier and more intuitive. The UI feels very dated compared to other bits of software, its too constrictive and time consuming to be of real use. The render speeds for getting PDF'd Renderworks VP sheets is actually not to bad cos you can just set it going and do something else, BUT, not being able to work in open GL or hidden line means VW is falling behind other software. Whenever Im trying to discuss changes to drawings its actually a bit embarrassing having to send colleagues away while I wait for the screen to update every time.
  14. da_muel

    3ds Export

    Hi, Im having some problems with the 3ds export. I have created some objects in VW by extruding some 2d shapes but I cant seem to get the poly count up on them when they are exported to 3ds. Any curved surfaces come in very faceted. I have tried upping the 2d conversion to very high and have increased the number of polys in the export dialogue to max but they still come in really faceted - in fact changing these settings has absolutely no effect on the 3ds file whatsoever, any curved faces always come in with 5 facets. Any help much appreciated . . .
  15. I agree - the regen speed is pitiful! We just made the upgrade to 2011 and its just not working for me in terms of ease of use or speed. I find the way that VW handles attributes, textures and 3d views just rubbish - it makes it so slow to work with, any change made needs so much time to update. My machine is not the newest but its still pretty well spec'd and VW makes it feel like a real dinosaur. Upgraded to 2011 to be able to "easily" produce visuals that display materials but am finding it a serious pain to work with. Am actually wishing that we had ditched VW and gone with Sketchup which seems to far outstrip VW in its ability to produce visuals quickly and easily and to edit in a view mode. VW has clunky and unintuitive material controls, awful viewport update speeds and no ability to work in open GL view or hidden line view . . . wish I'd put the money elsewhere cos its not delivered on the promises so far. Am spending far too long waiting to see what things look like in viewports and am not actually able to just get on with work.
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