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  1. Within a drawing I am currently working on I wish to build a group curtains as objects which can be hung on lighting positions as you would a standard spotlight fixture. I can create the curtain fixture as a symbol and hang it as a lighting object the only issue is it then comes up in the LX count amongst the 300 odd lamps already in the rig. Any suggestions on how to a) make the curtain hang to a lighting position object yet not be counted within the lamp count (a dead object basically) or b) count these curtain objects in a separate count and removing them from the lamp count (a separate curtain counter if you will). Cheers, James
  2. Respect Josh. Sounds exactly what I need thankyou. Cheers, James
  3. I am attempting to create 92 fly bars in a theatre which I am drawing at the moment. I have created a bar Symbol which I intend to use as the Lighting Position Object for each of these fly bars. Does anyone have a method which will allow me to insert these bars easily and also automatically give them logical position names, eg. LX 1, LX 2, LX 3, etc. I could easily insert 92 of them and distribute evenly but how could the position names be incremental? Cheers, James
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