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  1. I am going through the VW University courses which are based on the 2021 interface, although I am using 2022. In the module on Reset Preferences, the example suggests setting Vectorworks Preferences > 3D > Default 3D view render mode to Open GL. I don't have that option, only Shaded and Wireframe. Should I have Open GL? What's the difference? How you decide which to use? I'm running Architect.
  2. Thanks guys! This is exactly what I needed. When I generate a section for detailing, I don't want it moving out from under my annotation. Seems like a toggle button should be added to the tool, or integrate both functions into the tool separately.
  3. SOLVED! On the mask desktop, the dock across the bottom of the screen has icons for each program and app. Right click on each one to select Options. Vectorworks was assigned to Options> Assign to Desktop 1. When you drag the program into a different desktop, the pop ups still look at that assignment to know where to live. When I changed the setting to Options> Assign to None, the problem went away. The Attribute Palette, Resource Manager, Save dialog box, etc now follow the rest of the software when it shifts desktops.
  4. I've added a section cut symbol on my floor plan to generate a section drawing. On that drawing I added details such as blocking, dimensions, etc. I had to move the section cut symbol around on the floor plan. Went back to my section viewport and the generated section shifted out from under all of my additional details. How do you prevent this from happening? Should I not be using the same section symbol for notation that I use to control where the section is cut?
  5. Update - I've noticed the same problem occurring with 2021....the missing palettes can be found on a different desktop. I can go to that desktop, click on them, then return to the VW desktop and the palettes will follow me back. Same thing happens with the Save window that pops up when Publishing drawing sets. I now wonder if the problem isn't related to the the OS no longer being as compatible with the software.
  6. "Macintosh HD/Users/jblock/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks" I get to this point and the trail runs cold. I have no preferences folder under 2022. ("C: > Users > (YourUsername) > AppData > Roaming > Nemetschek > Vectorworks" - I presume this is for Windows users?)
  7. I used the default install location, but my directories don't have that set of paths to select from. I have no library folder under my username. I'll email tech support. Thanks.
  8. So how do we bump this to a known bug repair scenario?
  9. No. I'm running 11.5.2 and I meet the Mid-level project minimum requirements for hardware. The file I'm working on is 22MB and although it has a pdf image imported, has very little geometry yet.
  10. Update - resource manager has the same problem. Closing and re-opening the file doesn't help. Rebooting VW each time seems to work for a few minutes, but isn't terrible efficient.
  11. 2022 - Architect - running on a Mac My Attribute Palette keeps disappearing. Anyone know how to keep it visible? The checkmark is visible under Window > Attributes even though the palette is not.
  12. Did you already try simply using the legacy tool instead of the new tool? We have a couple of newer tools that don't work well with our current workflow, so we just use the old tool until our workflow system catches up. Open the workplace editor (tools>workspaces>edit current workspaces), click the tools tab, go to recent changes and find the tool that was removed and drag it back into your palette.
  13. Well that is 40x slower.....Can someone explain why this tool is better than the old tool, how to properly use it, or how to get the old tool back?
  14. I searched the forums, but ion;y came up with a request someone made in 2014 to have Digital Signatures added to VW Architect. Has there been any change in this recently? Florida (and presumably many other states) requires a Digital Certificate to verify a signature on a drawing.
  15. Great! As usual, I was looking in the wrong spot. Thanks! I'll give this a try.
  16. I use layers as containers for types of details at similar scales....3/4"/ft wall sections on a layer, typical toilet room details on a layer, etc. Is there a way to grab an entire layer from one file and insert into a new file without having to copy and paste the geometry?
  17. OK, I found where switching the site model to Proposed Only causes the area of my site to turn white while the rest of the site model remains green. I have't found an explanation of what a texture bed is, what it is for, how the model knows what is proposed vs existing for the logic behind that function, or how to control the 3D graphics display of the model. It doesn't seem too be tied to the 3D graphics dialog box....or I don't know what I'm doing (most likely scenario).
  18. Thank you for the input. Terrain>Send to surface added the line to my model. I can't seem to figure out how the texture bed thing is supposed to work nor have I found any tutorials that explain it. Are the 2012 and 2015 tutorials still valid? I have a property line object, but it has no effect on the model. Does is matter if the property line Z elevation is 0 and the lowest contour of the model is 520? I tried changing the property line Z elevations, but it didn't seem to make a difference.
  19. I have a 3D site model generated from CAD topo lines. The CAD file came with other graphic information such as property lines, etc. These things display correctly in 2D, but I would like to be able to see them on the 3D model as well. Is there an typical method for making this happen?
  20. I am having a similar issue in 2020 SP3.1. When I pull up a floating view pane, it is completely blank. Nothing I do seems to enable me to use it. Operator error? Or is there a problem with the software?
  21. Thanks for the clarification. It seems like making all Z values = 0 would be much simpler conceptually and practically.
  22. The latest (2019, Service Pack 3) still doesn't seem to be working as intended. Or I still don't know where the switch to turn that feature on is located.
  23. Reporting back that the new Data Tag Tool is not very flexible.....or I'm using it wrong.
  24. Thank you JMR. Indeed that was the largest of my problems. I hope to have some time soon to really get to the bottom of how Schedules works. I suspect it will take some practice and hair pulling to get it to work the way it needs to. I door schedules are easiest to deal with if you take the time to load a bunch of typical doors with preselected characteristics into your template file to minimize having to individually modify criteria on a door by door basis later on? It seems to be easier early in the project to not work about anything other than width, but then all those other characteristics have to be manipulated on a door by door basis, which is really slow. Best practices insight appreciated.
  25. Claes, Thanks again for the help. That appears to have worked. I performed the operation while in an isometric view however, and got a really bizarre result. So, I backed up and did it again while in plan view and got a result that looked as expected. I don't know that I understand the specific reasons why the commands used gave me these results, however. I assume it has to do with the plane of the screen?
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