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  1. Well, a different problem in 2012. Tried with a Colortran 3-cell and Altman strip light. Both can be move as lighting instruments, but the 3D rotation is off for no apparent reason. Maybe it's just me and that it's late... Mike
  2. Got SP4 installed: can anyone tell me how to save back to version 12, as is advertised? Tried Save As and Export. Mike
  3. Thanks for the work around! Anybody have a guess as to what the problem is? EDIT: But if you try to move that multi-circuit light the results are off (lights moving the wrong distances). I tried dragging and Move by Points. Mike
  4. It seems like I can repeat my problem, so I'll throw it out here to the forum and to support. I've had problems with the Altman Sky Cyc 3 symbol, and it seems to be consistent. 1. Open a new doc. 2. Import from Objects-Entertainment>Lighting-Altman the SKY-CYC-03 symbol. 3. Import a lighting position or create one. Give it a Z height. It doesn't seem to matter what that height is. Name the position as well. 4. Insert SKY-CYC-03 with the Inst Insertion tool on the lighting position. Check that it has attached to the lighting position in OIP. 5. Select each of the 3 parts one by one and check their Z value. I get one at the position height, one at double the height and one at triple the height. Do others have the same problem? Is this a setting I have screwy? Also, when I try to change the height of all three at once it doesn't take. Thanks for the help. Mike Vectorworks 2011 SP2 PC: Windows 7 64-bit
  5. -Josh, sent a bug report but it may not have gone through. When I open instrument maintenance the symbol column and type column are offset by 1 row (the type being one row too high). Happens on two preexisting documents. Mike
  6. Thanks for building this! I'm having trouble seeing the documentation, the link keeps bouncing back to the download page. Mike
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