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  1. ok, it's real news for me and a huge difference. apparently there are features in each release that we can't even appreciate enough for its value. rob edit: ok, i've got it. it's the wall lines setting itself.
  2. i'm gradually getting crazy. wes, yours is the same settings as for my door, but the result is like i wanted it to be. where did you set the wall lines to dashed? is it the ceiling-main for door lintel? thx, rob
  3. wes, thanks a lot, but can you convert it to v2014? actually my line setting in ceiling-main is dashed... rob
  4. no, it can't be. doors in other walls without pilasters behave the same way...
  5. jim, thanks for the reply. the wall isn't duplicated, but there is a pilaster modelled as an 'add surface' (depicted on the enclosed file). can it be the cause? rob
  6. i've tried to follow the explanations, but i can't make the door lines disappear, or at least change them to dashed lines, no matter if i check 'draw wall lines' or not, and if i turn ceiling-main (ceiling-overhead) class on or off. can anybody help? thx, rob
  7. well, my goal was to provide a working underlay for the design consultants, and they prefer model space. exporting to the paper space i get the actual design layers of the section viewport creation instead of the section itself, but possibly there are some settings i miss. checking the 'export viewports as 2d graphics in model space' check button in the 'sheets to include' section apparently brings the export in the direction i intend, but i'll have to check the options once more. thanks for the insight. rob
  8. well, it might have been that the 'use at creation' check button in the class attributes dialog (set filled as solids) must be checked before the shape is being created... edit: otherwise i don't know how to change it afterwards.
  9. with me, all extrudes are hollow, no matter if it's a 2d poly or even a rectangle (that must be closed by design). they are assigned to the class that is filled as solid, with aimed textures for all options. all to no avail, no additional vertices while scanning with oip arrows, either. the extrudes remain transparent. does anybody have a clue what could be the reason? thx, rob
  10. @damon, i usually import dwgs with centering after import, the world coordinates get set properly. i've had issues with further exporting dwgs from sheet layers: the world coordinates got multiplied by 10 or 100 - this may have been the units issue. i haven't found an appropriate fix for this, though. nevertheless, i've then tried the direct design layer export (not via sheet layer). this time the world coordinates got exported correctly. hth, rob
  11. i must push it up again. is this functionality improved in the v2015 already? for the illustration (attachment): up to v2014 the 3d appearance (axos, sections and elevations) doesn't differ for those two windows. and it _should_. thx, rob
  12. i've examined the dwg export options and one possibility would be to export the sheet layer as the 2d graphics in the model space. is it the optimal solution for section sheet layer dwg export? i'd like to give the design consultants as option to use the section in the most flexible way as a dwg... rob
  13. as for me, the driver provided by andreas from the last post's link worked. it's a 13" mbpro, mid 2010, vw2014. the dongle lights up like a well-rested firefly , no need to reboot. thanks. rob
  14. hi, i try to do the above, but all i get is some floor plan view, no trace of a section in the exported dwg. i've posted here, but can't get any feedback. i may be missing something important, but i don't know what. thx in advance, rob
  15. mike, yeah, i've figured it out, exactly the export function, and it worked. and thanks for the preferences' tip. besides, i still own a v2014. is v2015 different in this case? rob
  16. @kizza that may make sense. i'll check your suggestion. rob
  17. jim, there is nothing changed in the wall styles. neither is anything new above the standard styles listing, nor is anything changed in the default styles file in the vw directory. the files retain their size and modification date. not a trace of any previous wall style creation, no matter how many times i restart the application. rob
  18. jim, i enclose files with wall styles from two different projects and the defaults folder files' image: nothing gets written down (my v2014 installation is from june 2014) and no wall style is common for any two projects. i use the v2014 version. am i missing something? thx, rob
  19. kizza, you mean the .vwx file of the newly created wall styles? is there no other, simpler way to store a wall style for further use? i mean directly from the wall styles library. my old styles are not there, even if i save and reopen the app. i am forced to reuse old projects as templates. thx, rob
  20. jeff, thanks for the reply. in the meantime i've forgotten about optimizer, as i've used it a few years ago. it's good to know the perils. rob
  21. for my part i can export a dwg of a floor plan from (many) design layers, but i can't export a section dwg from a section viewport (a sheet layer). all i get are some floor plans that are part of the section. no section dwg at all. is it a trouble of the same sort? rob
  22. jeff, i have tried to replicate what you'd suggested, but to no avail. i've examined 3 cases: 1. the existing wall (made in v2012) modified with one component extended (the top horizontal one) 2. the existing wall with one extended component added (plaster 1 cm shorter than the concrete core) - the second from the top, horizontal, too. 3. a new wall created from a 15 cm generic one (still visible in solibri in the wall description) - the bottom horizontal one the walls 2. and 3. default to the ifcwall, the original (the longest one) remains ifcwallstandardcase. they all lose the material tab information (compared with the perpendicular ones from the original project) and they turn opaque in solibri (i presume it's a malfunction). there is no sign of separate wall components in the ifc model. have i done anything wrong? btw, the windows with component overlappings don't show up in 3d as such. i have signalled this malfunction in another thread already. thanks. rob
  23. jeff, the offset-decomposing is a real good news. i'll have to check this functionality, thanks for the information. as for the slabs, i used to model them already divided into the construction core and the floor finish, because cutting the wall gaps out of the whole bunch is too cumbersome. additionally, i've read in the 2014 june release of the journal of the national institute of building sciences an article on open bim approach based on the arboleda project. the authors (mr. mr. flamer and server) write about the 'filtered architectural models, then exported via ifc'. the models 'were filtered to contain only the necessary pieces of geometry and data for the structural scope of work, such as beams, columns, slabs, bearing walls and other relevant structural building elements'. does it mean the wall components were modelled separately? rob
  24. i've just got a message from archicad's manager in budapest, laszlo nagy. starting from ac v18, there is such a functionality. it goes like this: 'In the IFC Translation Setup Dialog, in the Export Options panel, click the Options button for the Geometry representation field. In the appearing Dialog, you will see the "Export Composite and Complex Profile elements into parts" checkbox. Check this checkbox. The Help file says it will do the following: Explode Composite and Complex Profile elements into parts: This will save composite elements (e.g. Slab or Wall) and Complex Profiles (e.g. Column, Wall, Beam) as so-called ?Building Element Parts?. This means that the main element (e.g. IfcWall) will be saved as a container element without geometry, and its parts (the skins or profile components) will provide the geometry. Use this option to ensure the correct export of the individual colors assigned to the Building Materials of each component. This export option retains the original colors of all building parts, instead of exporting them in all one colour.' how about vw? this is an essential issue in terms of interoperability: having a model being able to be split between components that are parts of different work schedules. rob
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