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  1. I was able to manipulate the script to get a fill pattern background and adjust the font size; so this will work. But another control option to show/hide the applicable triangles (for lack of a better term) would be a nice additional feature.
  2. These are FANTASTIC. I've been trying to dabble to accomplish just what you have here, but so far unsuccessfully. Do you know how to control the background for tiles, for instance to give it a pattern (instead of a color) or NO FILL? Also, any tips on scaling the tile, for instance for 2x8 BATT rather than 2X4?
  3. I'm working with a 3rd party plugin (Interior elevation marker) that I found (since Vectorworks doesn't have its own.) I've found the script editor and have been playing around trying to get the thing to have a solid white background fill but cannot figure out the combination PushAttrs; {Set attributes} PenColorByClass; PenSize(10); PenPat(2); FillPat(0); FillFore(0,0,0); FillBack(0,0,0); In this instance the plugin has NO background fill, but if I change FillPat to anything BUT 0 I get close with a black background fill, but only behind the text, not the entire rectangle, and black is no good I need white.... can anyone tell me how to get a white fill background here?
  4. Thank you. I've found this one before, but forgot how to make it work in 2012 until now. Copy into AppData-Roaming-etc.... The graphics are different than what we've used for years, but it will do for now. I still would love Vectorowrks to include on just like the Section/Detail/Elevation marker they already have.... Thanks for the response/reminder though. I am able to use this one for now.
  5. I'm just looking for the annotation/marker to be placed on the floor plan to direct the user to locate the drawing on the sheet elsewhere in the set....but thanks.
  6. I hope I'm just missing something, but it appears that even in Vectorworks 2012 there is still no plug-in for interior elevation markers. Am I missing something? In previous versions I had found a 3rd party plug-in that I used, but when I open those drawings in 2012 the plug-in disappears so I can't copy it into the new document. Anybody have one that will work? Thanks.
  7. What is revert stacking order in viewports and how can I turn it off, permanently? It seems that every viewport changes the layer stacking order, which hides objects unintentionally, and I have to go in and click revert stacking order in order to put the layers back in their proper order. Very frustrating. Why does it appear to be the default to screw up the layer order I intentionally set?
  8. Be sure to purge and update a couple of times at least! There are some classes, etc. (like NonPlot) which require purge, tools,utilities,update plug-ins, as well as reset plug-ins.....and do that a few times, then purge again. This is how I've fixed some corrupted files which came from previous versions.
  9. I came across this comment which implies there might be a way to create hatches from polygons. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=100515 This would be great if I could find the option v.2010. Does it exist? I am looking for good working stone hatches, and despite the many directions to El Dorado, Vectordepot, etc...the only ones I've found so far crash the computer!
  10. Is it possible to snap to a point on a layer of different scale? I could swear that I heard this was a new feature of VW2010 at one of the promo seminars given by VW, but I can't make it happen.
  11. I thought at one point in a VW 2010 intro seminar, that I had heard the new version would allow snapping between layers of different scale. Is this not the case? It would be advantageous to be able to align viewports (design layer) by snapping to viewports on a different design layer scale. This may be a product of my frustration with annotation in viewports. Because that process is so slow and cumbersome I have taken to arranging sheets though design layer viewports, then creating a viewport of multiple design layer viewports to create a sheet. This allows me to note & dimension on a design layer instead of annotation. I would like to be able to snap to viewports on alternate scale design layer though to arrange the sheets. Sound silly? This is also an issue when drawing files get big (or the computer gets tired) because there are times when zooming in to snap to a point, for instance, causes the referenced viewport info to disappear, leving nothing to see/snap too! All of these are attempts to overcome what appear to be limitations of teh software.
  12. A lot of times we will duplicate a set of notes from one detail to another, but the while the detail may be similar, it may have a different orientation from the original detail (mirrored=taken from a different section cut, for example)...so it would be helpful for the set of notes to simply be mirrored as a group.....
  13. Is there a fix for the corrup[tion when mirroring a callout note/plug-in? Nevermind the new control over the line arc, it has it's benefits as well as downfalls, but when mirrored the arrow goes comletely bonkers. It seems only possible to readjust each arrow from right to left, instead of mirroring. Mirroring used to work fine I thought. Also, FYI, I've given up on notes & dimensions in viewport annotations. Too slow & cumbersome. I now try to keep the drawings to simple design layers with same scale annotation layers. Then viewport from multiple design layers to create sheets. Any suggestions to improve dimensioning and noting speed or specifically the callout tool troubles?
  14. Add to the wish list loci/snap point to make an exact snap of page boundary to a viewport. The ability to dbl-click and set the page to the origin is nice, but sometimes the viewport wants to relate to something other than the origin and so an ability to set the page to the viewport location EXACTLY would be preferrable to just eyeballing an alignment of page to viewportit as seems to be the current option. Am I missing something here?
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