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  1. ecomike

    Plant issues

    I have a question regarding Worksheets for Landmark. For some reason the Worksheet doesn't have some of the plant categories showing, but the plant is being counted. Eg. When I place an Annual or Fern in the drawing it's counted but the name of the plant doesn't show on the worksheet. When I select a Perennial, evergreen or shrub, for e.g., there's no problem...the name and quantity are visible. I'm fairly new with this program any help would be appreciated. Maybe if some has a plant list you could forward on. My email is Ecomike1@gmail.com Thanks,
  2. Alright, I believe that I've found a solution for anybody that has this problem. Here's the root: (within the program) Vectorworks- Preferences- Interactive tab- deselect: Cursor pre-selection highlighting This has completely solved the problem on my end, which makes me extremely happy! Hope this helps.
  3. I'm having a similar issue with graphics disappearing, too. I'm currently running Landmark on a new Mac (MBP 15" 2.8 Ghz 4G ram). The problem I'm having is when I start to put plants on the plan and then zoom in or out the graphics disappear...However, when you drag the cursor over the plants the outline shows, but nothing else. The plant images don't reappear until you zoom out or in, and even that doesn't always work right away. It's beginning to become very frustrating, especially with larger drawings. Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks,
  4. I have this problem as well. I use Landmark most often and it happens as soon as I start putting plants on the plan, even if it's only one plant symbol...frustrating! I'm running Snow Leopard, but the problem was occurring with Leopard too. Has anyone found a solution? Mike, VW 2009 Landmark Macbook Pro 15" 2.8 GHz, 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce 9400m + NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT 24" Samsung Monitor
  5. Thanks, but It doesn't seem to work. I usually build everything in VW then export the file as a .dwg to Sk...works flawlessly! Thought I would try something new today. I guess I'll have to wait until VW comes out with a patch... Thanks for your time, Mike
  6. How do you save a sketchup 7 file to sketchup 6. I can't open a Sk 7 file in Sk 6. Mike
  7. Hi, Having trouble importing a sketchup 7 file into VW 09. I've tried everything I can think of. What am I missing? Mike
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