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  1. This has been happening in 2024 and can be quite difficult to work with.


    I created a 3D set of panels on the right and then picked the first panel and then duplicated it and rotated it to get the left side view.


    However, when you see the attached video, I am zooming in and out, and the top view flashes before returning to the side view.


    This is what is happening at the moment, but I also get the opposite. Sometimes I will do the same duplicate and rotate but end up with the top view, and I will only see the side view when I am zooming in and out.


    I've tried switching layers and back again, and choosing top plan view, but only closing the file and reopening it solves the problem.



    Any ideas ?




  2. There use to be and AutoCad help sub-section, but it disappeared.


    My problem is that I have created a tile and I use it to represent a product.


    If I create a 2D shape and another within, then I subtract solids and then tile it, after exporting to .dwg, the cutout does not appear (as below left).


    However, if I have no fill or a pattern fill, it does work (as below middle & right).


    These pictures are from AutoCad after the export to .dwg


  3. Hi,


    There was one version of 2024 in which, when a viewport was created, it's location was in a similar location to the Sheets Layer.


    ie. In my case I draw a frame around the viewport area that I want to create as a viewport. For every version except one (can't remember which one), the viewports all end up in the middle of the Sheet Layer and on top of each other. However, in one version, I remember being surprised that the first viewport was next to the second viewport, just as I had them on the Desing Layer.


    Mistake or not, it was very handy.


    Like this ....



    Not this ....



  4. Not sure how VW would approach this one, but AutoCad seems to be able to do it.


    When I draw something on the Design Layer, and I create a viewport, when I move something on the Design Layer, the viewport does not show as it originally did.


    eg.  What was on the viewport ....                                  What is on the viewport after I move the something on the Design Layer


    image.png.b333e2e3b3f4ed9b4b60b0bac85b5832.png                                                             image.png.963441a87dd13ae75889fc866d43c38b.png

    I move this left object -100, -100 on the Design Layer


    However, the object is in it's own viewport (a jigsaw piece). It is not associated with the 2nd viewport to the right. Obviously, if they were in the same viewport then I would expect this result.


    Somehow, AutoCad can make viewports of individual or selected objects and when they are moved, the viewport crop moves with it/them.


    This would be great to see in VW.

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  5. Hi,


    As far as I am aware, Vectorscript can't print a worksheet to a pre-defined filename - I'm printing to the "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer.


    Therefore, can anyone come up with an idea to copy text to the Windows clipboard so that it can be pasted into the filename box when printing it?


    With VS's "Print ('Worksheet Name')", Windows saving convention pops up, but the filename is blank.


    Since I already have files of the suffix format that I want, I would just click on an existing file and that would prefill the blank filename area, and then I want to paste in the prefix.


    eg. suffix = "This file.pdf", prefix = "Despatch List ", result = "Despatch list This file.pdf"

  6. This has not been fixed in VW2024 SP2


    If all Windows users are experiencing it, then I will make an error report and hope that the answer doesn't come back that it was a Windows update that caused it and they can do anything to fix it.


    However, this only happens with VW.

  7. Hi,


    Up until yesterday, my manually placed symbols had an insertion point where I set it.


    Something went wrong during the day because now the insertion point is at an alternate location.


    This only happens on one of two computers using the same stationary sheet.


    The black pic clearly has the insertion point offset from the coloured edited symbol (midpoint).


    How can I reset it for one computer only?




  8. Can anyone else make this happen so I can add additional support to my bug report ?


    What the movie.


    I use alt-left mouse button to select.


    Then I use ctrl-left mouse button to drag and make a copy.


    With the selection I rotate 90°


    With the space bar held down, I pan.


    I can also make this happen while zooming in and out.


    Do you see the blue object change back to the horizontal view while panning ?


    It's rather annoying when trying to position one object alongside another.


    The blue object is imported from another CAD software, but I've not experienced this until VW2024.

  9. The bug has been reported and I received notification that they have repeated it and will work on the fix.


    Hopefully, if I'm not going crazy, it will speed up VW2024 completely, because I'm feeling that I have to wait a lot for different processes to finish.


    But that's another story.

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  10. So, from all of your responses to my question of Mac's, it looks like your all using Mac's and the problem only occurs in Windows.


    I've also turned on "Account Settings/Signature/View Signatures" and now I can see you are all Mac users.


    I'll keep this post live until someone can test this problem on a Windows PC with VW2024 to prove the theory.

  11. Here's something interesting.


    I have been using my computer at work for the above posts.


    I also have my laptop for when I work from home.


    Both have the same delay issue. Exactly as explained previously.


    My work computer is Windows 10 and my laptop is Windows 11.


    Are you all using Mac's ?

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