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Circular Growing and Filling 1.0.1

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About This File

During my last Marionette-Project, I produced some simple geometry nodes. Which maybe can be useful to can make geometrical constructions instead of mathematical (trigonometry) calculations.

The Nodes:

"Perpendicular from Point to Line", "Parallel from Line through Point", "Circle-Circle Intersection", "Line-Circle Intersection", "Line-Line Intersection", "2 Circle Middleline" and some more.

Also the more Complicated Nodes "Circle tangent to 2 Circle", "Point or Circle tangent to 3 Circles"

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Update the Growing Example (replaced Symbol Scale Node with The Default Node)

This Script Creates a Grid, Randomize the Grid als let grow circles on the Point one by one. If it have contact with another "circle" it stop growing both Circles.

What maybe could be missed:

1. Choosing different Symbols (could combine with filling area with Symbol Example)

2. Filling White Area with further Objects


Screenshot it with a big Randomize Grid Value and with a negative Offset (overlapping of Circles)


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Great set of geometry nodes, perfect for creating a circle tangent to three other circles. Thanks!

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This could be a very useful script for generating planting plans for complex natural systems like native meadows where drawing planting plans is and exercise in circle insanity.  I however am not able to get it anywhere close to being useful for this purpose.  Attached is the file with a folder containing very simple plant objects in it.  The script does not pack the symbols like the simple procedural example, Is this intentional?  Perhaps I've got something wrong? I confess the math is over my head and beyond what I have time for.



Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 8.28.02 PM.png

CircularFilling v2021.vwx

Response from the author:

If you use the default "Scale Symbol 3D", the original from one of the scripts does not work in newer Versions anymore.Then it will work more as you expected I think but still not does what you want.



In your script, you randomly take a symbol and scale ist. So you take a small tree and scale it to the desired diameter. You should first generate your diameters and then pull the matching symbol I think. The script does not work on fixed diameters. Also in nature, your trees maybe do not follow the rule of that fixed diameters 🙂
The Script is bases on random diameters, so it will not work to have as a result fixed diameters. 




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PVA - Admin

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I could watch those circles dance all day.

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