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DomC - Operation Nodes 1.0.0

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PutByRefPoint(great, powerful), LinearArea(good), ConvertToGroup (very specific)

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Hi @DomC, these tools are extremely useful, thanks. I have however found that the PutByRefPoint is not working correctly - it is only placing objects in 2D even when given 3D points. Any idea why? I also tried an older version of the node which I found somewhere and this one works in 3D however does not have the duplicate function. I have attached my file


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Hi @ccsw

Thank you very much for that input. There is a build in function "Marionette.Is2DObject (obj)". This checkes if an Object is 3D or if an Object is 2D. 2D and 3D are handled with other functions. At the release time of the node (maybe still, I did noch checked that) this function did noch correctly sort 2D and 3D Objects. So I think I just hardcoded the line "Is_2D_Obj = True #Marionette.Is2DObject (obj)" (It means that the node always handle objects as 2D)


The line should be correctly (if the marionette function was correctly) "Is_2D_Obj = Marionette.Is2DObject (obj)". A new Version of the node is uploaded.

Put by Ref Point v1.0.1.vwx

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Cool example ... thanks for sharing, love that.


Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-31 um 23.21.37.png

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-31 um 23.25.33.png

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Many thanks for the quick fix and explanation - understanding the code is next for me...


Yeah I'm just learning marionette and thought it was a perfect example to try!



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hi Dom,



do you have a remake for use some kind of this in 3D?


I have to arrange duplicates of specific objects/solids next to each other, like the XGroup makes it with its "Bauteilableitung-3D"





i thought there is some node for this folling command in VWX (distribute 2D of 3D Objects)



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