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Intermittent RENDERING freezes!

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Hi Katie;

I can answer that question. I have restarted my computer three times today. Each time I then choose an orbit animation. At some point everything stops and I get the spinning beach ball. I then have to force-quit vectorworks.

It does not mater if I restart or not, it still freezes.

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I should note that rendering in Open GL seems to work fine. it is using Renderworks that is the problem.

On several occassions I did get an error message "One or more operations were aborted due to lack of memory, increase partition size".

This is under OS10.2.3. Obviously I cannot increase partition size. Installed ram is 512MB and only Vectorworks is running.

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Your problem is different than Garry's problem.


Depending on how complex and how many times you render within your undo limit, can affect crashing.

Each rendering session is stored as an Undo. If you have a complext drawing and rendering in RW, that is going to use alot of cache/memory for each rendering instance.

Closing VW and starting it back up will reset the memory for VW, but does not clear out the system cache. A restart can clear that out. (that's why i asked how often you restart the computer).

I think your crashing is related to memory.

To further diagnose this problem, are you getting an error message of Type 1, 2, 3 or 25 when the "freeze" occurs?

How long do you let it sit and think durring the "freeze" ?

Do you lose control of the mouse and everything?

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I don't get any error messages. The length of time I let it sit after a freeze depends on how many swear words I can string together befor e I "force quit " . I have let it sit for a few minutes to see if it was just a "hang". .I don't lose control of the mouse but the program is stuck and requires a " force quit " to escape the freeze.


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Well, if you haven't lost control of the mouse or gotten an error message, the program hasn't frozen or gotten stuck.

It might be trying to render a difficult geometry object or a transparency. It's all dependant on what's in the drawing.

Next time it happens, let it sit for more than a few minutes to see if it gets past the point of no return.

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Katie: the 2nd of two rendererings in a new

startup session. Stopped about 1/3 the way

down. The little watch stopped. I left it for 15

minutes. Nothing. I can move the watch around the screen, but it stays a stopped

watch. When I "force quit ", the mouse again

directs an arrow. That's what I meant about not

losing control of the mouse.

The rendering was of a simple house elevation, [ front], 3 textures, no lighting.

Any ideas?


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