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9.0.1 bugs...

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Hello -

Mac, G4-466, ATI Radeon, 256MB (128MB for VWA), VW9.0.1, RW9.0.1

I just received VWA9.0.1 and RW9.0.1 and installed them this morning. I am still seeing a few of bugs that were reported to bugsubmit@nemteschek.com.

1. 'leader line' arrow heads - I prefer to add the 'leader line' tool to my VWA workspace. When doing so, if I create a leader line using the 'notes' class (one that I made), the arrow head does not default to the class setting. I have the 'use at creation' box checked. To correct the problem, I need to select the class default arrowhead in the attributes pallette (even though the box says that the class default is selected)

2. 'One or more operations was aborted due to lack of memory. Increase partition size.' I get this error message on most (but not all) of my files when rendering with something other than basic 'open GL' rendering. The file size does not matter. For example, on one file that is 4.1MB, the error does not occur. On another (that is 829K, 252 objects) it occurs consistantly.

3. Problems with 'mapped shadows'. Mapped shadows seem to become less accurate as the physical area of a model is increased. I tested this problem by creating a relatively large (1000 ft. diameter) extrusion and placing a small house on it. When doing so, mapped shadows are totally lame. Reducing this disc to 200 ft. diameter makes them look nicer, but still with irregularities. An out-house sitting on a 8 ft. disc renders beautifully.

With the RW9 changes, I can not seem to get as nice results as in 8.5.2. - see the McDonald Residence and Yarborough Residence on our website (www.mchenryarch.com) which were rendered in 8.5.2.

For the record, the problems with Ray traced shadows have been corrected in 9.0.1 as far as I can see.

I hope I don't have to add to this list...


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RE: Mapped Shadows

I left VW at v8.5 and moved on to Maya. But I have a question/suggestion regarding the mapped shadows.

Mapped shadows are generated from a disk-based map, which determines the size and shape of the shadow. The larger the geometry, the "rougher" the shadow. In a 3D package such as Maya, one can increase the resolution of the shadow map, which increases the quality of the shadow generated. In Maya, in particular, there is also a filter variable that can be adjusted to blur the edges for a more realistic rendering.

My question: Is there a way in VW9 to increase or adjust that resolution?

Let me know, I'm curious.

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