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Really Wierd Rendering Problem

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I have a model of a building. 8Mb

I wholly created it in VW w/ RW with materials I have used several times before with no troubles. Things have been going along fine, most of the model was built about 3 weeks ago, and today I started editing it to reflect the current scheme. Then things got really wierd.

All of the objects I created today are rendering (RayTrace) semitransparent and reflective even though the materials are opaque and dull. Whats even stranger is that some objects created today are adjacent to some objects created 3 weeks ago with the same materials. The later isrendering correctly while the former is rendering semi transparent and reflective. I have double checked the attributes and material designations and everything seem fine, but things wont render correctly.

I created a new layer and linked all of my information into it and still things won't render correctly.

I copied one of the suspicious objects into a new file and it rendered fine by itself.

Next I'll copy everything into a new file but this is really screwed up. Has anyone else ever had this happen?

G4 400, 256 Mb of ram

VW 8.5.2

OS 9.0.4

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I finally fixed the problem.

After struggeling for days I decided to trash the prefs, and the application. I reloaded VW, RW, and Quicktime, and the problem has gone away along with several other problems. Is it possible that the prefs from VW 8.0.1 are interfering with VW 8.5.2 ?

Just wondering

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hey Mike,

if you're like me, and have to keep older versions of VW and MC on your computer, remove the prefs from the system folder and keep them in the folder that the app resides in. to launch the app with the correct prefs, drag and drop the prefs file onto the appropriate app.

i have had prefs conflict before, especially with MC v2, v3, & v5.

thats what i do anyway.

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