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Tim Rodier

exported images are too sketchy

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How can I get a really nice image out of VectorWorks? Every exported image I've done comes out jagged. It works, but when used in layering on an existing photo, the realism is just not there because the image looks very pixelly. I've tried increasing resolution, image size, 3d detailing at very high but nothing works. There must be something I'm missing, let me know.

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Hi Tim,

Exporting Images from VW:

File menu > Export Image File

The ?Export Image File? dialogue opens which has three sections.

A) Width, Height and Resolution

The default is always based on 72 dpi (Screen resolution)

When you want a smooth image you have to increase the resolution, lets say three times (72 x 3 = 288). Do this.

When you do not change Width and Height your image will be now exported smaller by the factor 3.

So, what you have to do, you need to change the image dimension by the same factor as you change the resolution (x3).

B) Format

File Type:

Choose a non lossy format for print e.g. TIFF or PICT(Mac).

Choose Photoshop when you want to manipulate the image in Photoshop.


Choose best depth.

C) Preview

Click the update button and you will see the file size and memory requirement for the image you will export. When you image is large

you may give VW all the memory possible.

D) Save

Try this (also observe the explanation VW gives you as you move your mouse over the dialogue features at the bottom of the dialogue box).

Sorry, English is my 2nd language. I hope you understand it now. It is really the best image export feature of any software.



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You can also set a fairly high resolution on the Render Preview button, select just what you want rendered, and paste the resulting bitmap into your photo. This saves you from re-rendering the entire scene @ hi rez if you don't need to. It usually helps to set the Preview button to the same resolution as your target image.


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