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Best preparation of VWA file for consultants using AutoCAD

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I looked (not hard) for a topic that discussed the best way folks have found to prepare a VWA file (floor plan) to be exported as a .dwg file for them to use as a background for their mechanical, electrical, etc. work.

I'd love to hear what level of preparation you all are doing to prepare the files for their ease of use. I've gotten a myriad of comments about using National CAD Standards, to issues about 3D components (doors and windows in walls) coming in oddly (little squares at each end of each object), not being able to edit or delete items to clean up the background without it impacting items they need to keep.

Should I be more judicious in my use of layers, and classes especially to make it easier for them?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Simple is better. I like to use all the tricks of drawing to make my drawing clear to the clients and builders. I too find that my consultants prefer a "clean" background to overlay their stuff.

To this end I try to limit my fills to Hatches when differentiating wall types. I also turn off all unecessary classes and layers to show only the bare essntials.

Finally I export the mod(el) layer set, not the sheet view. For the output I make sure I select the ACAD version of DWG tha consultant has. I check the option for lineweight as colors for those who still see color as line weight. Other settings include the options to not include invisible layers and classes as part of the file.

If I need to send elevations or sections along - I do a converrt copy to lines and make an export layer to store them on. Then convert that 2d only layer as the drawing for their reference.

Generally my consultants think in their own eharts that I work with ACAD. They are amazed when they see an actual set of my drawings and ask how I do that, especially 3D views, details with classical use of line weights to make them clear, etc.

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